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I just got a thing in the mail! From YouTube. I'm gonna open it. And see what it is. Oh look, there's a sticker on the back that says "Because you created so much for the world, we created something for you." It's like... no external tape on the whole thing. This... it appears to be a book called "Comments". Ooh, it's got a magnet, and it opens from the top. This way. And then, oh. And then there's a book inside of this.

There's me and John. With things in our heads. Thirty pieces of art inspired by real fan comments. I feel like I'm gonna read you a story, like this is a kindergarten class. 

"You recognize the freedom to create something unique, and with it you built something beautiful. You couldn't know where any of this would lead, but you started anyway. You shook up industries and rewrote the rules. More than that, you started a conversation that sparked a community.

What you've created not only inspires us but people all around the world. In turn, we hope this collection of art will inspire you. Defined by your differences, your bravery, your self-expression, this book is yours. It's the product of what you create each day, as seen through the eyes of your community.  It's a celebration of where you've been and a physical expression of the possibilities that lie ahead."

I'm gonna do it this way.

"You inspire people worldwide." Look at this on the top of a mountain. With a book. It's a laptop, shooting out into space.

"I'm so glad to see how far you have come."  Oh my gosh!

This one has a dinosaur vomiting a rainbow. I think that might be Keith Richards up there?

"You are the most inspiring person I've ever seen on any platform, and I think you deserve a banana." Hahaha!

Oh my gosh, I love these! That's cute! What are these awesome seahorses?

That's very cool! That's very cool. I just wanted to share that. Thank you to YouTube for sharing it with me.