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In which past-John presciently reports on the birth of his second child, with an update from very-recent-past-John. John reports that he will be on paternity leave for a time, but his video presence will continue in lots of places.
Past John: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday.

If you are watching this video, that means that I have had a baby, birthed through the sweat of my brow, and the effort of my epic loins. What's that? Sarah did the birthing? What was my role, then? Oh! Apparently, Hank, I told her to push.

(Sings) Real American heroes, telling their partners when to push...

...although, actually, the doctor gives the instruction and then I just kind of reinforce it, so... yeah, I'm not really the hero of this story, Hank.

Also, I just turned the birth of my baby into a beer commercial. Right, so Sarah actually had the baby, but I am going to help with diaper changes, and many other tasks.

Hank, when Henry was born, I only took a couple of weeks off; in fact, I went on my first work trip when he was nine days old; this time, I am going to take quite a bit more time away, not just from Vlogbrothers, but also from writing, and traveling, and from my careers as amateur historian, trivia buff, and, of course, most importantly, semi-professional FIFA player.

However, Hank, in this absence, I will be exceedingly present. For instance, there will be a Crash Course US History video every single Thursday, and a mental_floss video every Wednesday, and the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers will play every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as they continue their heroic domination of League One.

This is possible because everyone in the office has worked extremely hard to get way ahead for the baby, so thank you to Stan, and Mark, and Danica, and Meredith, for being awesome. Okay, Hank, there are links to all these things on screen, and in the video info below, so really, I will not be leaving you at all. Past Me will just be visiting Present You. It's essentially the same story as Back to the Future 3.

Also, every Tuesday, there will be a John video, just like always, on this very YouTube channel, except where usually, the role of John is played by me, it will be played by other people, like Hannah Hart, and Grace Helbig, and Craig WheezyWaiter, which is his real last name, and my secret sister Maureen Johnson. Not to mention two Nerd Factor winners!

And now, Hank, a quick visit from Future Me to Current You, to give you a baby update:

Present John: Hi, everything is good. Baby and mother are healthy and beautiful, and wonderful, and we're exhausted, and hi! Okay.

Past John: Okay, Current Me is going to make a prediction about Future Me: that guy looks tired. I'm a psychic. Nerdfighters, thank you as always for making this community exist, and for making it such a wonderful part of my life, and also for letting me briefly step away to be a full-time dad.

DFTBA; Hank, I will see you on Friday.