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Hank: What do we have here? Hi, I'm underwater. I'm actually - this is not an aquarium, this is a place that is under--underwater, it's sunk into a spring in Florida. And that is a snook, and that is a snook, and that is a snook, and that is a snook. That is a snook. Back there, there's some snook. Here we have some more snook. And then there's some snook over -- And then I've never seen these snook, and they're huge, they're huge. They look like salmon. Um, Katherine wants me to look at-- Oh it's a sheepshead. It's a sheepshead, but it's gone. I lost it. Where'd it go?

Katherine: It'a OK 'cause there's a ton.

Hank: Oh, is that what all those are?

Katherine: I think so

Hank: They look different

Katherine: Maybe those are Red Drum

Hank: Oh there it is. There it is there's the sheepshead. There you are. Hi guys!

Katherine: There's some red drum and I see ladyfish.

Hank: Yeah, Oh where's the lady fish, oh down there, those long ones down there. This is really cool. This is really cool.

Katherine : There were two... There's two right here.

Hank: Oh yeah there's the ladyfish. Oh yeah there's the lady fish, you see their blue backs, can you see their blue backs?

Katherine: And then there's these guys which I don't know what those are but they look, they remind me of the drum.

Hank: Look at them all. And we happen to be the only people down here right now which is pretty cool, so we're enjoying ourselves. This is the Homosassa State Wildlife Park of the State.

Katherine: Something like that.

Hank: Something like that.

Katherine: Homosassa springs

Hank: You should come visit, the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, the word state is in there somewhere. Okay, I'm gonna go, bye.