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NerdCon: Stories will take place on October 14 & 15, 2016 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. And it will be fantastic.

Learn more about guests and what's gonna go down at
Special thanks to Charlotte Dow, Genevieve Collins, and Mark Vasko for contributing photos.

Music: Fifty-One Degrees by Michael Aranda:
NerdCon: Stories is an annual conference created to celebrate the institution of storytelling. Learn more at

Last year, with the help of 40 special guests and a few thousand adventurous lovers of narrative, we created NerdCon: Stories, a two day conference of connection, content, instruction, and hilarity.

 The feel of the event was electric, and the consensus was it was maybe the best thing ever. Now we would like to do it again, and even cooler. This time we will have a larger room for booths and activities and signings, two new ballrooms for panels and Q&As, and a bunch of small rooms for workshops and more intimate conversations. And to reflect the diversity of ways that humans tell stories, this year, we will have over 60 special guests including authors, actors, artists, narrators, podcasters, puppeteers, comedians, dancers, directors, screenwriters, game designers, radio hosts, musicians, comic writers, and cartoonists. All of these people will come together to discuss and celebrate the institution of the story -- this simple human thing that creates us and defines us.

 It's October 14th & 15th in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Minneapolis Convention Center, just a few blocks from a bunch of excellent hotels and restaurants. Tickets are $100, and you can get them at We are made of stories. Come celebrate them at the second annual NerdCon: Stories.