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Georgia is not quite done with the 2020 federal elections, and both senate races (as well as some state and local races) are headed to a runoff vote. So we made this video to update Georgia's deadlines and important links.



Check your registration status, and find your locations and times for voting early or on election day at the Georgia My Voter Page:

Register to vote:

Track your absentee ballot:

Find your county's Board of Registrar's office:


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Hello Georgia!

I know we just did this whole election thing, but guess what: you’re not quite done yet. You have a runoff election coming up!

Two of them, actually – on December 1st there is a runoff to resolve some state and local races and then on January 5th, 2021, you’ll be able to vote for both of Georgia’s seats in the US Senate. For this video we’re focusing on dates and deadlines for the Senate election in January, but you can go ahead and put December 1st on your calendar too.

So: if you want to be able to vote in January, you’re going to have to register first. If you voted in November, you are probably already registered, but it doesn’t hurt to check. There’s a link below where you can check your registration status right now! It’s also the same link that you’ll use to check your absentee ballot status, polling location, and all sorts of other useful voting information.

If you’re not registered, or if you need to update your legal name or address, you can use that same link to fill out a registration application. As long as you have a valid Georgia driver’s license, you’ll be able to enter that license number and submit the form online. If you don’t have a Georgia license, you’ll have to print it out, sign it and mail it in.

The deadline to register is December 7th if you want to vote in January, but the sooner you do it, the sooner you can cross it off your to-do list. And for those of you with December birthdays, you just have to be 18 on election day in order to be eligible to vote, but you only have to be 17 and a half to register, so you too can go to the link in the description and get registered by December 7th and cast your very first ballot in January. So once you’re registered, you have a bunch of different options for how you can vote.

Anyone in Georgia can vote by mail, otherwise known as voting absentee, for any reason. All you have to do is download the form in the link below, fill it out and mail it to your County Board of Registrars office—there’s a link to all their addresses in the description. Technically, Georgia accepts absentee ballot requests up until the Friday before election day, but the sooner you apply to vote absentee, the sooner you get your ballot, and the longer you have to fill it out and mail it back, so that it arrives by January 5th.

Once you have your ballot, if you find that it’s getting close to that deadline and you’re not sure if it’ll make it in time, you can bring your ballot to an official ballot drop-box. Links in the description to find those. And once you have mailed or dropped off your ballot, you can even track it to confirm that it has been received.

You can also vote early in person starting on December 14th. The hours and locations vary by county, but all counties are required to allow you to vote early on at least one Saturday if voting on the weekend is easier for you. There’s a link in the description where you just select your county, and it will tell you when and where you can go vote early.

If you miss all those deadlines – or if you would just rather vote in person on January 5th, you can find out where to go to vote using the same link you used to register. Polls are open from 7am to 7pm statewide, and as long as you are in line by 7:00 pm, you are allowed to cast your ballot. When you go vote in person – early or on election day – you will need to bring an ID with you.

They’ll accept a driver’s license, state ID, passport, military ID or tribal ID. If you don’t have any of these forms of identification, you can get a free voter ID card at your County Registrar’s office or the DMV. The hours that those offices are open can vary, and you’ll also need a birth certificate and a proof of address to get one, so if you need a free voter ID, start working on that now.

One last thing: if you’re gonna vote – and I hope you will – make a plan! Put it in your notes app, text a friend, make a calendar event – just make a plan right now, while you’re thinking about it. Decide when and how you’re going to vote, figure out where your ballot drop boxes are, or what ID you’re bringing if you need one.

Just make a plan so that nothing unexpected stops you from being counted. And if you still need to register or request an absentee ballot, do that right now. Open a new tab – or just do it in this one, this video is basically over – just do it.

All the links you need to check your registration and polling location will be in the description. Thank you for voting.