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In which John makes an old-school vlogbrothers video about the preparations for An Evening of Awesome from Carnegie Hall. Also his dreams of North Korean fried chicken and Hank's long-suffering guitar.
Crowd: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday John: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. It's actually Monday, but tomorrow we have a show at Carnegie Hall and we're gonna be kinda busy. So I'm coming to you from the halcyon years of yesterday. So Hank we're all here in New York City. I should probably stop filming these people because they think that I'm like, creeping on their offices. But the trip here was a bit of a nightmare for you and Katherine. It involved planes and trains and automobiles and delayed flights and missed connections and then it culminated with lost baggage. And it took you 23 hours to get from Missoula to New York. Which is excellent by stagecoach standards but quite poor for 21st century air travel. Anyway, hopefully your guitar will get here before you have to play songs on it at Carnegie Hall. Meanwhile, I was sleeping. So Hank, I dreamt that Chick-Fil-A opened four restaurants in North Korea. Then in my dream, I was like 'I don't know what should I make a video about today, oh right I should definitely make a video about Chick-Fil-A opening up restaurants in North Korea.' And then I woke up and I was like god Chick-Fil-A, why don't you get in bed with Kim Jong Un so I have something to make a video about. OK Hank, I have to go to our rehearsal, walk with me. Hank: AAAAAAAaaaaUAaaahhhhh John: That's the sound that Hank's anxiety makes. Guess who it is, you'll never guess. What it's Kimya Dawson! Kimya: Ah! John: Backstage Hank feverishly writes down the lyrics to his songs so that he won't forget them. So we are backstage at housing works, uh, getting ready for our rehearsals for tomorrows Carnegie Hall show. Here I'll show you the audience. They don't know that I'm video taping them. There is a man behind the bookcase! Hank singing: The first time I saw her was the day that I hit puberty. She was a beautiful girl shunned by society. It wasn't her fault, she just smoked one laced doobie, nope. One laced doobie, nope. Then that after school special made me wanna never do PCP. Oh, Helen Hunt, Helen Hunt, you make make heart do acrobatic stunts. John: We just did our first rehearsal, it went well, but it's not the kind of thing you wanna see at Carnegie Hall. Um, at, now we are going to rehearse again. I just wanna remind you that you can watch the show live at at 7pm today, which is tomorrow, it's very confusing. Tuesday 7pm, Eastern time. Also, there are places all around the country and world where you can watch, there're links in the dooble-doo. Uhhh, dubudubdub... Hank. Hank: Hi, John. John: Hi, Kimya! Kimya: Hi, John! John: Hank! I'll see you right now, and also on Friday.