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Comments on past videos mentioned that my old appearance with longer, natural colored hair was missed. The short, really short magenta cut isn't the sex educator people know, or find themselves attracted to. Some people. Appearance does matter but maybe not in the ways we think. It has a long history of changing and that's true for me too. Humans throughout time have molded their look to express themselves. Sometimes it relates to gender, sometimes to their sexuality. Sometimes it's to look different than their mother's generation. I just happened to do what works for me at the time. My look isn't my sexuality but I see sex in appearance often and thought you might like to know. We're complex, stay curious.
Also, a big reason why I made this episode was to show looks aren't intrinsically gendered. Men wear wigs, makeup, dresses, and nail polish. Maybe more comprehensive and accurate education for the haters will lessen/stop the bigotry.

0:00 Intro
0:33 Lipstick
2:45 Nails
4:45 Eyelashes
5:42 Hair
6:03 Padding
7:30 Let's learn and stay curious

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