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In this episode, the crew fights against a crazy giant leg monster thing. They also make unfortunately little progress toward finding the cosmic drive key, but they totally will soon. Believe.
Hank: Hello and welcome to hank games X2, this is Hank Green X2 playing Pikmin 3. This is me going back to the tropical wilds where there is soooo much fruit. Oh my gosh. We're very very hungry, mostly thirsty it turns out, because we don't actually eat it. *Reading off the screen* "Fragments of a bridge may not be all in the same place" YOU THINK I GOT THIS FAR IN THE GAME AND I DIDN"T KNOW THAT. Come on. I'm embarrassed. Alright every body, good job. Let's go. I'm not entirely sure where we're going, now that I mention it. Yeah, I wanna go there. I guess that we have to go there, nope, not what I meant to do. *Deep breath* Okay. What's over here? Nothin', Nothin' good. Can't go there. Oh it's [the explodey rock hole] back. *Throws Pikmin in* get in there. yeah, dig it up, just go into the hole, come on, come on, okay, there we go. All right, Now I don't have to do all that walking anymore, and I still have a bomb so I should keep that in mind.