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In which John compliments the players.

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Panic! Everything worked out better than expected because of H. Walter White, arguably our best player this season, at least in defense.

I don't know enough about 17 year old Mose Vestergaard yet to put him in a house. I know that he's small, I know that he has tremendous courage and that he reminds me in many ways of Moses.

Nice unnecessary slide tackle from Ya Bamba. That was great stuff.

John Dunne, a great English poet, is playing for us in central midfield.

I like Amankwaa Amankwaa because he wears pants and I am also a pants wearer.

Look at this run from Callum Kennedy. Look at this run from Callum Kennedy! Oh, that was beautiful though Callum.

Meredith, have I ever told you how much more I love it when Dicko scores than when anyone else scores.

That's a little frustrating. Probably should have gone with the earlier ball there but I wanted to prove how hard Francombstein can run.

This, by the way, is an excellent save by Seb. I mean, just saw it at the last second, got his hand out. Good stuff Seb, I love you buddy. He just wanted a raise and I gave it to him because he's just, because he's a good man. He deserves it.

Oh Amankwaa! Amankwaa. Amankwaa Amankwaa. Allergic to grass and allergic to goals.

Ya Bamba! Uh, don't give up! That's right, take a swing at him! I love it, I love your courage! Get up and run!

I love this new, the Wimbly Wombly, just killer defense. That's awesome. That is an awesome pass!

Great save. Good job. Seb Brown. Saved two penalties against Luton Town to put us into the Football League and then he saved two penalties against Manchester City to win us the F.A. Cup and then he just saved a nice shot against Millwall.

Oh, what a tackle! Game saving tackle. Game saving tackle. I, I'm seriously going to pass back to find out who made that tackle. That was massive. RÖCKER!

Come on. Come o... Oh, Mose Vestergaard, he's only 17 but I like his heart.

Oh it's Surman who's our ginger. He's a nice looking ginger fellow isn't he. Isn't he. That's not half bad. That's attractive football. That was good. And he got a foul out of it.