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Come hang out with Kemosabe the porcupine as he waddles the hallway, noses his chinchilla friend, licks things, and munches. Nose boop included.

*Happy Birthday Camille*

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Hi everyone.  Welcome back to Animal Wonders.  I'm Jessi and it is night time, which means that we are gonna hang out with one of the nocturnal animals.  I have some of his favorite foods here.  This is his regular diet, and then this is soft pears and bananas and he's actually looking at me right now, so let's go ahead and let him out.


There he is.  Hi, bud.  Do you want to come hang out with us?  We've had a lot of people asking about Kemosabe lately and since we're not able to get him out in front of audiences right now, I'd really like to share his awesomeness with you.  Now, I think he's awesome, and I know you think he's awesome, but there's someone out there who just thinks Kemosabe is the best, and I know if he met her, he would think that she was awesome, too, so Camille, we heard it's your birthday, and we wanted to make it extra special with some up-close Kemosabe time.

(?~1:06)  Gosh, your eyeballs move so much when you eat.  It's so--it's so weird.  Yeah.  It's good.  Kemosabe is naturally very good at maneuvering around in trees, so we like to make sure he has plenty of different kinds of branches so he never gets bored.  I do like to spend time at night with him, letting him get out and roam around, play with different kinds of toys, climb on things, smell things.  I think that's really important for his well-being. 

One of my favorite things to see is his little waddle as he goes down the hallway.  Kemosabe has enjoyed interacting with the chinchillas, Cheerio especially.  They like to get up close and kinda touch noses and smell each other out.  The first time he did it, I was a little bit nervous so I watched very closely to make sure neither of them were hurting each other and actually, they interact really well.  I love that Kemosabe's huge nose is his primary sense of discovering the world, but his favorite thing to do is to walk up to something and lick it.  Ope, and I guess he's gonna lick that, too.  Gotta make sure you lick it, huh, buddy?

So Kemosabe is doing what he normally does every night.  This is basically his morning, and so when I see him late at night, I give him his food and he starts chowing down.  So in the evening, I prepare his diet and this is a bunch of different kinds of food, kind of steamed and mushed together so it creates an easily eatable thing for him.  When we first got Kemosabe, he still had all of his teeth and he really enjoyed chewing through things for enrichment, so we gave him cardboard boxes and bags and we hid the food inside it and he loved chewing through them.  Now that he only has one tooth and he can't chew through things, it's been a fun challenge finding new ways to enrich him, and these night hangouts are some of my favorite.

Kemosabe is one of those beings that just makes you happy when you're around him.  I remember when we first got him, I would walk into the room and be in disbelief that he was there and alive and just something in this world.  He's just so special and I feel so honored to be able to care for him and then share him with others.  When I get to share Kemosabe with audiences, I love watching their eyes light up and seeing just a million questions racing through their mind.  That's what does it for me.  Being able to be that catalyst to spark curiosity.  I mean, it's Kemosabe and the other animals that are the stars of the show.  I just get to take care of them and let them be seen, and I'm just really happy to be on this journey with them.  

Your tooth is so long right now.  You are due for a tooth trim.  Mhmm.  Yes, you are.  Boop.  

Well, Kemosabe, thank you for being you.  That's all I could ever ask of you, because you are perfect, and thank you for watching.   I hope you enjoyed our little night escapade and if you'd like to see more of Kemosabe, you can check out his playlist, and if you would like to help support our efforts to bring these awesome animals to more people around the world, please head on over to and join our awesome team of supporters.  

I put links to both of them in the description below.  Go ahead and check those out.  What do you think, Kemosabe?  Do you have anything to say to the Patrons?  Thank you all so very much and I'll see you very soon.  Bye!