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There's an insecticide out there that makes insects hyperactive, gives them tremors, and can be fatal. And you probably drink it every day! Turns out the secret ingredient that keeps you focused and alert.... is also toxic to certain bugs.

Hosted by: Savannah Geary (they/them)
Emma Dauster: Writer
Kelly Hills: Fact Checker
Amy Peterson: Script Editor
Faith Schmidt: Script Supervisor
Bill Mead: Videographer
Savannah Geary: Editor, Associate Producer
Daniel Comiskey: Editorial Director
Sarah Suta: Producer
Nicole Sweeney: Executive Producer
Hank Green: Executive Producer


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Savannah: You probably drink an insecticide every day. This all-natural insecticide can kill everything from mealworms to mosquito larvae; it gives bugs tremors and makes them hyperactive, with side effects that reduce eating and growth, and it's fatal in high enough doses. Chemically, it causes those effects by increasing a cellular signaling molecule called cAMP (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) in a bug's cells and simultaneously blocking the enzymes that would otherwise break down that cAMP. It basically sends their cell-signaling system into overdrive.

So, we have a hyperactive, tremor-inducing ingestible that sends your body into overdrive... Any guesses?

Yup, it's caffeine. All of the data I just talked about came from tea and coffee. You can drink it safely because you're much bigger than these bugs. So the dose of caffeine required to take you down is way higher than what you'd find in a few cups of coffee.

So, did you guess it was caffeine?