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In which Hank shows his great determination to get the big coin, failing over and over and over. The spectacle is enjoyed by Michael and Katherine.

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

Hank: OK, I'm gonna get it. I'm gonna get that. I am.

Katherine: This is fun!

Michael: Woah, uhh. Noohoo!

(Katherine Laughing)

H: I'm... I'm gonna get it.

M: The A-button is a thing.

K: Michael's just... (Laughing)

H: I'm gonna get it.

M: Oh! Ahh! (Laughing)

H: (Laughing) You killed him! Oh man!

K: (Laughing) I'm sorry!

M: Let me just... Let me just get out of this... (Laughing)

K: All I did was shake the Wiimote and it did that! (Laughing)

H: Ahgaho! Ho! Uh! I can't even see.

M: There's tears streaming down my face.

H: I wanna get it so bad! How do you do it!?

K: My cheeks hurt!

H: How do you do it Katherine?

K: So much! (Laughing)

H: Uhh! I don't understand!

K: You need to use the run button.

H: FFFFFFF! I give up!