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All Graduation Speeches should be this short.



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My name is Hank Green, and this is a message to the graduating class of 2009.

Have a piñata. Hit it. (Shot of The Katherine hitting a duck piñata. The piñata falls to the ground) Oh, my god!

Elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and graduate school. I've graduated five times, so I'm a bit of an expert on this subject. So no matter what you just graduated from, you are about to go change the world, you have a lot more learning to do, we welcome you with open arms into the real world.

Graduation speeches! They all sound like this! I think mostly what I want to say is, uh, do not trust anyone who is telling you the way the world is going to be for you.

I graduated from college with a major in biochemistry, and now I'm a professional internet moron. Let's be honest with ourselves here, things are changing rather quickly. The advantage that you have is not all the stuff you just learned.

You need that, don't get me wrong, but everybody else has it too. The advantage that you have is a whole new world just got discovered, and you grew up there. I'm in my 20s.

People my age do not understand the world the way you do. It's like, there was a first generation of people who were born in America; you're like that, except you're the first generation of people who were born on The Internet. Don't ask me how your mom did that, but she did.

And it is not just that you know how to utilize this stuff. "Oh, Timmy knows what Facebook is. He hangs out on Four Chan and discusses memes." That is how you should try and convey it to your elders, but that is not your actual advantage. More than a conception of how it works, you have a completely different perception of how the world works.

The days when people could be satisfied being the expert in a mere one field are over, my friends. You all, and I think you know this, are going to have to be the men and women of the New Renaissance. New Renaissance men and women!

Be ready to do everything, and when no one asks you to do it for them, be ready to do it for yourself. So that's where you're at now, friends. I suggest you enjoy it.