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The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you!


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Hey there, I'm Matthew Gaydos and welcome to episode 2 of The Warehouse. This is the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you guys.

So let's go ahead and jump right into new merch news which due to VidCon preparation and all the stuff that goes into VidConning for you guys, is going to be kind of a short segment this week because this week I do not have any new pre-orders to announce for you guys but I do have an update on an older pre-order.

For any of you CTFxC'ers out there who may have pre-ordered the Charles and Alli signed poster, guess what we got in on Friday? So these will be in your mailboxes really soon but be patient because there is like 1500 of these things to send out and we will get them to you as fast as we can roll them.

And speaking of VidCon, which I think I mentioned somewhere earlier, in last week's episode, I asked you guys to tweet me pictures of you guy's repping your DFTBA gear at VidCon. And a few of you have already done that so here are those pictures. So if you would like to be in a future Warehouse video, make sure to send me your pictures as well.

Alright moving right along. Time to address some of your guy's comments from the last video. A couple of people mentioned in last week's video that they wished that DFTBA would carry shirts larger than 2x and I'm here to tell you that we do! We do not carry all designs in 3x but we do carry the Pizza John Shirt and Keep Calm and DFTBA, as well as all of these Charles Trippy designs and the Frogman shirt here. So unfortunately when it comes to things likes 3x shirts, there is just less of a demand for them than there is, for say, a medium or a large shirt so it's actually cost-prohibitive to order everything in a 3x.

But the way we make decisions here at DFTBA in what to carry and what sizes and all that is based on your guys demand. So if there's anything specific that you guys want like larger shirts or new posters or new stickers or iPhone cases or key-chains or just anything, you gotta let us know down in the comments.

Also in the comments from last week's video, some of you guys said you would like a full warehouse tour so, yeah, let's go do that.

(In the Entrance) So when you first enter DFTBA Records, this is the little lobby, foyer area that we don't really do anything with, except for display some merch on the walls. But yeah that's really about it so let's move on.

(Packing Room) Alright so this is the main area of DFTBA Records. This is where we spend most of our time putting together your orders. Over here is the poster area where we keep all of our posters and then when you guys pick out a poster you like, we take it off the shelf and we set it on these tables here and we roll it up, put it in a tube and ship it off to you. And over here is where we keep all this little stuff like all of these CD's and all of the bracelets and stuff.

(T-Shirt Room 1) So this is Room 1 of t-shirts here at DFTBA. It has expanded much beyond this as you guys will see in a minute over on the other side of the building. But on the first few shelves is where a lot of your old favorites live - you've got your Giraffe Love, your Pizza John, your Keep Calm and DFTBA, your Mongol Exceptions shirts. And then back here a little further we have the first section of Charles Trippy Merchandise, we have your Minute Physics, we have your CGP Grey, we have your Tetris Nerd, we have your Mario, we have one of my personal favorites the 'This is not a corn dog' shirt. 

(Back Room) And then this is the very back section of this half of the warehouse. It's the boring part. It's where we keep the recycling and the poster tubes and the mugs and other things that I can't show you guys because those aren't announced yet. But yeah, this is probably the least exciting area of the warehouse so let's move on.

(T-Shirt Room 2) Alright, so this is Room 2. As you can see the t-shirts can no longer be contained by Room 1. You got your Alex Day shirts, we've got a ton of Charles Trippy stuff down there, and we actually just got the AsapSCIENCE and Veritasium shirts so if you pre-ordered those, those are already on their way to you as well. 

And then this is, the other half of Room 2 here at the warehouse. Here we have your Charles Trippy hoodies, we have your Maureen Johnson and over here guys we actually have a bunch of 2011 and 2012 VidCon shirts available so if you never got one or you've never been to one of those VidCons, they are definitely still available at

Speaking of still available at, we still have a bunch of the John and Hank Green Live at Carnegie Hall t-shirts, so if you guys didn't get to go to the Carnegie Hall event or you just want a shirt to remember that evening, go ahead and go to and check 'em out, alright? Close enough.

(Project Room) So remember when I said before that the other area was the most boring area of DFTBA, I was wrong. This is probably the most boring area of the warehouse, this is a little project room that we use when we're assembling things like the John Green Audio Books. And while we're talking about the audiobook, these are the last of the 2nd Edition Audiobooks read by John Green. So if you want to get yours before they run out, I would suggest picking it up very soon.

(Back to normal shooting position) And yeah, that about does it for the tour. Maybe if you guys want, in a future video I can show you a little bit more in depth about the murals we have here because those are fun and weird to look at. 

Alright, so in closing this week I would like to thank any of you guys who liked or reblogged or tweeted or just shared, enjoyed, whatever, episode 1 of The Warehouse last week. I really appreciate it and I'm really glad you guys are liking this whole thing we're doing here. So don't forget to leave any questions, comments, product suggestions down in the comments below. All the links to everything I've talked about today will be down in the flap and remember you can always find me on my channel at or on Twitter @MatthewGaydos. So I will see you guys next Monday for another episode of The Warehouse and as always, don't forget to be awesome.