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20 episodes in, Hank still has a lot of problems saying philosophy words.

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In the novel The Brothers Karamazov, 19th century Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky presents us with Ivan, a man (burp)  (laughter)  You gotta do what you gotta do. 


Otherwise, his inability to create it would there be no leist--it would mean--there's at least one thing he couldn't do.  Wow. 

Remember--remember--remember when you were--remember when you were litter?  Remember when you were--pfft (laughs)  Good start.

Because he's the one that all of these philosophers we've been talking about, we've been studying, he's the believed one that didn't in.  (laughs)

One of the most asked but least answerable--anstwerable. 

Whether or not I understand how it was created is beside the point. 

In Anselm's words, God is that--in Anselm's word, in Anselm's words, God is that which can be no great--that which no greater can--that--that--yeah, that--that then which no greater can be conceived.  Okay.  Yeah, my brain was never gonna handle that, thank you.

Fictional stories can let us see how hypothetical people deal with hypose--hyposetical thituations. 

In fact, French philosopher and novelist Albert Camus went so far as to say that the literal meaning of life was whatever--pffft.

Because he could do anything, but he was--if he--dzdydzydz.

An infinite regress is impossible, so there must be at least one necessary thing, and that is God.  Boop.  Leave your message. 

Instead, it had everything to do with pfft.

Enough, blahblahblah. 

Whereas in Alaska, it's not cold until it's well below thhhhh


Then you couldn't not eat the whole pie because if you decided at the last minute not to, then you would have proven God wrong, thereby single-handedly stripping him aaaaah, it's fun sentence, but hard. 

Can't really make a probability claim, when we only have one thample set.  We only have a sample set of one. 

Would be just incon--cons--conconsionable.  Inconsionable.  In--unconsionable. 

Would be just unconscionable.  Ivan goes so far as to declare that he is returning his ticket to heaven. 

*off camera* I was  so nervous cause you were frozen--
Here's it gonna go, here it goes, unconsionable. 

Arguments are pbbbt.

If eating spinach will improve your life and believing that it will make you strong will convince you to eat it, then (bangs desk) 

offcamera: Hank smash!

Philosophy of religion is also not religious anthropology or religious sociology or psy--psy-cho-logical. 

I'm so much happier now that we're out of philosophy of religion, I'm like, yes!  Yeah, give me that terrifying abundance of freedom!  Feel ya.

I got it like, right in the perfect place, and then it was like, (noise), like right back to where I was. 

Do it!  Down! 

Instead, we're left with unmoved movers and uncaused-ehhhhhh.  Ehhh.  Uhhh. Uhh.

Think I'm using the Force.

Not all that opposed to wiping out entire populations just because of their bad behavior.  Just because.  Justbcse.

Because if you decided that the bla--getting worse.  Getting worse. 

But he also had an elderly mus--but he also--but he also had an elderly mu--but he also--but he also had an elderly mu--but he also had an elderly moth--why can't I say mother?  I keep trying to say muscle.

Still, despite the scriptural evidence--still, despite this scriptural evidence, most theists are--most theists--still, despite this scriptural evidence, most theists--

Contemporary British philo--pfffft.  Pffft. 

This one is built on the ida tha--dadadadadoodooboodoodoodoo. 

And these philosophers took it as that given that he is.  Just power through. 

He might point out pbbbttt.


What theistic existentialists deny is any thort of--

Where epistemology brumps up--brumps. 

That curves around a ben...d. 

So in the same way that the etiology of a cup implies the existence of a cup-maker, and a watch implies the existence of a watch-maker, paleo-theology in the world and assumed from that--God's existence.  Boom.  I did such a good job. 

Now it's just the sound of a man taking off his clothes.

Put that in the outtakes video.