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In which Hank and Katherine get 9 of 10. And fight a bunch of dementors.
Hank (H): Hello and welcome to "Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4" Katherine is spinning a thing.

Katherine (K): I love to twirl the bushes.

H: I love to twirl the bush. What, look at all those Dementors, man. There's so many Dementors and..somebody..over there getting the life sucked out of them? They're going to die soulless and alone?

K: Yeah, but you know what, first? Eh, yeah, but first we should shoot all of these plants so that they yield their studs.

H: Yield your studs, plants!

K: Plants! Why do you have..why do you hold gold?

H: Why do you hold? Why are you holding?

K: If you didn't...if you didn't hold this gold I wouldn't have kill you. All of you plants.

H: Ooh, wow. I think those are Pipples

K: Oh, those little glowy things?

H: Yeah.

K: Yeah. Thats..I'll say it.

H: We just have to flip them.

K: Okay, um..

H: Oh! I think maybe I flipped the Pipple!

K: What is this thing? It just...

H: It's an artichoke!

K: Okay. Is that a bridge I was supposed to cross?

H: Was that a bridge...yes it was.

K: Uh-oh

H: Oh, mother!

K: Uh-oh

H: What's wrong, you stuck?

K: Nope.

H: Okay.

K: I was...I thought I was for a second.

H: I thought..I was very afraid you were gonna have to flip a Pipple. Oh, hello! What is that? (singing) Oh I made giant ball low.

K: (singing) Death Star plants!

H: I found the Death Star plants. They were inside of R2-D2.

K: Okay, that is a lot of, um, Dementors... to Patronus.

H: Dementors?

K: I missed getting across the stinking bridge again, so you have do it. 

H: Do what?

K: All by yourself. I don't know, whatever is to be done up there, because I can't cross this bridge and...