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In which John Green sticks his whole, bare hand into a jar of peanut butter, Maureen Johnson is forced to leave the stage due to queeziness, and Hank Green bravely avoids puking in a convention center in Boston in front of 3,500 Nerdfighters.

Thank you to Nerdfighters who provided additional footage including: Carolyn, Katherine, Annie Bluth, Laura, Annekatrin, and Edje.

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Hank: I'm here at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria about to get punished and these people are all voting on the things that I am going to blend. Hello people!

John: Is this a situation that mustard is gonna improve? 


Maureen: Is it pudding? Baked beans, oh no.

J: Do you have somebody filming for you?

H: No, I need someone to film for me. Please film me. First we have...

J: Poptarts! They are strawberry flavored.

H: Regular!

M: That's probably fine.

H: Is what flavor they are.

J: Hot dogs! I think we were all rooting for a vegan blender but its not gonna happen this time. Sriracha!

H: That smells spicy.

J: Have you never had sriracha? 'Cause you're gonna want it to have some heat. Number four is... Baked Beans!

M: I'm out. I'll be back.

J: Beans.

H: It's got a little bit of beef in there.

J: Oh, oh.

H: Everyone stopped being excited just now.

J: Pudding! Hank, I'm giving away the rest of your sriracha to this nice person in a sailor hat.

H: Peanut butter's happening now. I don't know how to get the peanut butter in there.

John: I got it, I got it.


H: And our final item on the list!


Hank: Mustard made it.


J: Thats spoken like people who have never done peanut butter face right there.

H: Alright.

J: Oh! Oh!

H: Come on, get down there.

J: Oh! Oh! It gets worse every time!

Audience: You need to add some water.

H: Oh no, yes. There needs to be something added and its going to be almond milk, 'cause it's all I had.

J: That's enough, that's enough. Just to be clear you have to eat all of what is in there. 

H: That's not happening. Hopefully this will work.

John: Dun dun dun dun dun dun.


J: I just saw the pop tart go down in a blaze of glory.

H: I am, I am deeply regretting some decisions I've made in my past.

J: It looks like meat slurry. It looks really, really bad.

M: Is that the blender that I just heard? 

J: Yeah, that was the blender.

H: Yes.

M: Oh God.

H: You just stay back there, Maureen.

M: I'm gonna stay back here.

J: You are in the right place. Hank can I smell it before you eat it?

M: Oh God! Oh! This is the...

J: Oh no! That was very bad. I, I wish there was a way that we had Smell-O-Vision in here and we could just pump the whole auditorium full of what I just smelled.

M: You guys, this was not in my contract!

J: Can I get one more sniff before you take a huge gulp? (Sniffs) I mean that is very, very bad. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! Oh! Oh!

H: I have a little more left. When a Vlogbrother messes up, a Vlogbrother must be punished. It's very spicy! It took a while for that to hit, cause the peanut butter was masking it.


J: Maureen, it's over.

H: OK Maureen, I put it away. Rodney has taken it away. Expect for this cup part which you...

M: I'm not even being funny, legitimately queasy.

H: So I guess this is, can I just?

J: Just chug, do what you need to do Hank.

H (voice-over): John, I survived. And it was, I think, worth it. I loved last weekend so much. Thank you to everybody who came out, and thank you also to you, John. I'll see you on Tuesday.