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Big announcement everyone! Going forward we will no longer be using Subbable, but instead Patreon, for your continued support. We really think combining efforts with Patreon is going to be better for everyone!

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(00:00) Hi, I'm John Green. Over the last three years here at Crash Course we've been able to live our dream of making educational content that we can release free, for everyone, forever. But Crash Course isn't actually super cheap to make, like we've got to pay for the eagle, and also like animators and editors and educators and our writers... 

We pay for Crash Course partly thanks to the support of PBS Digital, the public broadcasting system in the United States, and partly from advertising, also partly from grants, from people like Bill Gates (whispers: thank you Bill Gates), but a huge portion of Crash Course's budget comes from people, people like you, who have traditionally supported us through Subbable. 

Without that support we wouldn't have been to grow the Crash Course videos; we also wouldn't have been able to start making lesson plans, so that teachers can better integrate Crash Course into their classrooms. Unfortunately, we recently found out that Subbable's payment system is being scrapped by Amazon. That was a real bummer, but it was also an opportunity. Because we figured you know, as long as people are going to have to re-enter their information anyway, we should really just join forces with Patreon. 

 About Patreon

(01:02) Patreon's very similar to Subbable— you can make monthly payments to support stuff so that it can continue to exist... the main difference is that Patreon is much better funded, and supported, and has more features, so in general it's better. We've known the people who founded Patreon for many years, they are good people, it is a good company, and it also makes even more sense for you to sign up right now because for the first month they are going to match every dollar that comes into Crash Course, so your impact will be doubled. If you're a Crash Course Subbable subscriber right now and you  have money in your perk bank don't worry— we're going to keep the site up for several more months and your money will remain in your perk bank— but you should spend it. But we are asking you as soon as possible to transfer your subscription to Patreon because this is kind of a scary time for us.

 The Importance of Crowdfunding

(01:49) The money that we make from crowdfunding is very, very important to Crash Course. It's important not only because your support literally keeps the lights on around here but also because Patreon is our only source of funding where passion matters more than views. Like inevitably fewer people are going to watch Crash Course Chemistry than are going to watch, like, Crash Course The History of Blood and Guts, but that doesn't mean that Crash Course Chemistry is less important.

So we're hoping that once again enough people who can pay a little bit per month to support Crash Course will choose to do so, so that all people can have access to it. But of course we understand that lots of people can't afford to pay, and that's okay. We want Crash Course to be there for you. So whether you're able to help by watching and sharing Crash Course or by signing up for a monthly pledge at Patreon we are deeply in your debt. 

 Thank you!

(02:37) There are links below to sign up. Thank you again for watching Crash Course, for being part of this journey with us, and, as we say in my hometown, don't forget to be awesome.