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In which Hank and John compete in fourteen different events in under four minutes!


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Hank: Good morning, John.

John: Good morning, Hank. It's time for the Quadragocon.

[Montage intro]

Hank: How are you liking your chances?

John: Uh, medium. I mean, if I were up against anyone but you, I wouldn't like them at all.

(Hank laughs)

[Montage set to T-Shirt and Jeans by Hank Green]

Hank: (laughs) Too scared.

[Chariots of Fire theme plays]

Hank: I don't really know how croquet works.

John: I think you just go through the wickets. OK, not bad.

Hank: (Hank laughs) You missed, huh? It's my turn now. No. No.

John: No, no, no.

Hank: My turn now.

John: Hold on.

Hank: You hit the ball and nothing happened. Oh, and you got both.

John: That's what I wanted to do.

Hank: You look like a dork. Oh, that's through.

John: That's not through. Nope!

Hank: Oh!

John: No!

[Montage set to The Universe is Weird by Hank Green]

Hank: Scott Westerfeld suggested a spitting contest. I'm not going to spit, spit though, 'cause it's gross. These have spittable things in them. Apple seeds.

[Spitting noises]

Hank: Next round: typing quiz. Who types fastest?

John: I feel pretty confident.

Hank: I also don't- do not feel good about this round.

[Typing noises]

John: I'm usually at over 100, but I've had a few drinks. Good luck to you, Hank.

Hank: Okay.

John: Alright, go.

[Typing noises]

John: Three, two, one, I've got him right at then end. He's 65!

Hank: Oh, oh, oh, oh God.

Hank from the future here. The first event in the Quadragocon, as we said in John's video, was the Blue Steel competition, and when we filmed this stuff, John's video hadn't been uploaded yet, so we didn't know who had won the Blue Steel competition. Well, it turns out, thank you all very much, I did. I, by, like, a two-to-one margin, at least, so I'm going to go ahead and give myself another point, and we're going to play the last event in the Quadragocon.

John: Are you good at pool or bad?

Hank: I am not good.

John: I'm also not good, so-

Hank: Okay, good, perfect.

[Sound of hitting pool balls]

John: Oh, no!

Hank: Hurrr! Uhhh! Oh!

John: That's terrible news for me. Use this tiny little stick and I'm just going to hit my balls as hard as I can.

[Pool shots]

John: Woo!

Hank: Getting real close here at the end.

John: This is basically all of Quadragocon probably.

Hank: Uhh! Oooh!

John: Oh God.

Hank: Oh....

John: Heeeeeyyyyyaaaaah!

Hank: How did that happen?

John: That's my whole strategy is to have someone else screw up the 8 ball.

Hank: I will say one thing for me that 8 ball scratch rule, it's not a real rule, it's just a rule that we've always happened to play by. If we're going with the actual official rules the thing I did was not the end of the game. But as brothers we have always played that if you scratch off the 8 ball you lose the game. So anyway, that was Quadragocon 2015. I guess I don't mind tying with you John. I mean I do a little bit. It was really great to spend some time with you and the family and to do some stuff together, I miss you already, and I'll see you on Tuesday.

Because I wanted one a lot, for the next week you can pre-order a Quadragocon 2015 shirt and then never again so that's something that you can do.

John: Oh my God!

Hank: What! What! Uno points for style.