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John and Hank are not good at penalty kicks and it is hilarious.

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(Intro - I'm so bad at game!)

John: It's penalties.
Hank: Oh man...
John: It's penalties.

John: It's always a shame when it goes to penalties, but, uh I intend to win.

John: I just, I have to remember to hit B. That's the number one rule of penalties. Do not hit A.
Hank: I've never attempted to control my goalie. So I don't know what's going to happen.
John: Me neither. Me neither.

John: I think potentially this is going to go to, like, 10-10.

John: Keep moving. I'm gonna pick which way I go based on which way you're going.
(All around laughter as John misses.)
John: So, that's pretty much how it's gone so far.
Hank: I'm gonna kick it straight up in the air. Is that okay?


Hank: Oh no, not even gonna have to do anything for that...
John: God!

Hank: What??

Hank: I thought that was the sp... okay. Never mind.
John: Wait, what thing?
Hank: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing you need to know about.
John: OHHHHHHHH. There's a thing!
(Katherine: Nothing!)

John: I did horribly.
(More laughing)
John: They're booing us.
Hank: Why so stupid?
John: Our fans are booing us.

Hank: Oh! It looked like I hit you in the face.
John: Yeah, but you didn't score.

John: Oh, the humiliation.

John: This is just, this is just fantastic. I mean, I'll tell you where I'm going.
Hank: Okay.
John: Straight. Straight. I'm sticking right in the middle.

Hank: How do you even control the direction?
John: I'm certainly not going to tell you.

John: Do eventually, do they just agree that it's a draw?

Hank: OH MY GOD.
(Mike: It's a field goal!)

John: My controller started to shake. Is that normal?
Hank: Mine too. I don't know what that's all about.
John: I think my controller is mad at me. It's like "I am disappointed in you."
Hank: "How about you score?"

Hank: Okay. I haven't actually even been able to control the goalie, either.

John: I mean, at least that was a save.

John: This is a thing that is still occurring.

(Announcer: And the keeper's a hero here!)
Hank: Oh, everybody's so excited. They're like "Good job catching the lob!"
John: I mean, Hank, I can't believe you haven't figured out a strategy for not shooting it down the middle.


Hank: How do I change the direction?
John: You use the direction, the direction-ey thing.
Hank: I've been trying that!

John: Just a lot of pressure right now.
Hank: What? WHAT?
John: Liverpool win a huge hist...
(Announcer: That was a cruel end)
John: It was a cruel end. After a mere nine missed penalties.
Hank: I don't understand.

John: We will endeavor to improve. And we will see you next time.