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(Phone rings)

Karen: Hello?

Omegabyte, I thought I told you, when we talk on a payphone, you call me Kryptofox. Who knows who could be listening?

Dan: No time for codes, dude, we have a situation.

Karen: Fill me in.

Dan: So I was hacking this floppy to automatically copy so that it won't run on any computer it's put into.

Karen: Forbidden fruit. Sweet deal.

Dan: Thanks. I was almost done, too.

Karen: Almost? It's not exactly the most righteous hack.

Dan: Yeah, yeah, but I needed the code anyway from this disc, and that's all whack. Check it.

Hank: Hello Kryptofox, my fellow hacker. I'm Datadigger, and I come to you from the year 2010, because I need your help to hack YouTube. Your name's gone down in history as one of the most elite hackers of all time and we need someone great, so if you can help us, please call us at 481-516-2342 in the next ten seconds. Hack the planet.

Dan: What's a YouTube?

Karen: I dunno, but I am so ready to go down with the Console Cowboys in cyberspace. Give me the phone.

Whoa. That was totally rad.

Hank: Kryptofox, is that you?

Karen: It's me. Where's the computer? Who's pad am I at? Why isn't everything chrome, and what's the deal with this ETube thing?

Hank: YouTube. It's one of the most important sites of the 21st century. It's a video sharing platform.

Karen: For serious? Videos on the internet? How fast are your modems?

Hank: No time to explain right now, according to my calculations, we have 4.2 minutes during which you can exist in this spacetime bubble before the universe collapses, so we should probably get moving.

Karen: Wait, wait, hang on. Why couldn't you just get me from your own time to do this hack business?

Hank: Yeah, I wish we could've, but you've been in federal prison for the last ten years.

Karen: Ten years, huh? I thought it would have been longer. So I guess that means I evade the FBI for another, five years. Sweet deal.

Hank: You are going to redesign the YouTube logo, hack the service to replace it along with a code that I am e-mailing to you right now. While they're figuring out what to do with the logo and this new code, we are going to carry out the plan.

Karen: And the rest of the plan is?

Hank: Deleting every single reference to a Justin Bieber video on YouTube except for the one where he's slowed down and his voice sounds really cool.

Karen: Who?

Hank: Oh, think like Johnathan Taylor Thomas but way worse.

Karen: Oh, God! Alright. Let's do this.

FBI: FBI! Open up before we blow this door in.

Karen: They found me. Datadigger, are you there?

Whoa. Hey, guys. I don't really know what just happened there. I seem to remember being a hacker. From the 90s? Alright. That was my Halloween costume.

Thank you to my IRL friend Dan Osmosis Jones for helping me make this, and to Hank Green from the Vlogbrothers for filming his part in it. Also, if you're watching this on Halloween, you may notice a certain Halloween themed YouTube logo, which in fact, I did design. It was really fun to do, and I really hope you guys... Wait. What was that?

Dan: Karen, stop vlogging, we need to go and do some righteous hacks.

Karen: Duty calls. Catch you on the flip side.

Hank: Hack the planet.