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Good morning John,

It is the final day of Pizzamas and this years Pizzamas products are only available during these weeks: so if you wanna be a part of it, if you wanna get one of these things- your time is running out. And what a Pizzamas it’s been; we’ve had left beef, good cats, Let It Snow premiere, you went to people’s houses? and your video yesterday was, uh, helpful for me but a thing you said in your video gave me an idea.

Here’s the thing you said “and I watch a lot of YouTube, not all of it nourishing- which is okay I think, there is a place in this world for wondrously empty distraction.” Now as is kind of obvious- you and I share a YouTube account which is not how normal people use Youtube.

And, to some extent, everybody is sometimes confused by the decisions that the Youtube algorithm makes. Like some of this makes sense: there’s always football videos, Tom ScottPBS Eons but Cleaning a Record with Wood Glue? But when you share an account, sometimes you don’t know when YouTube is being weird versus when your brother is being weird cuz suddenly, there’s a lot of, like, vending machine business videos in your recommended and like why? 

John, with the expectation that you’ve been watching vending machine videos, I’m gonna take it to camera 2 and we’re gonna look through the Vlogbrothers Channel’s YouTube history for the last couple weeks- I wanna know.

Ah, a lot of these are gonna be mine: like I watched John’s video , I’ve been watching a lot of Chika- she’s amazing- but this one is John, it’s him watching his own VICE Sports special- not embarrassing at all. John, you watch a lot of Tetris videos, you watch a lot of football manager videos- that’s gonna be standard.

Kim Beom Yellow Scream- that was not me, let’s find out what that is. It’s like a Bob Ross thing. He’s gonna, he get, he’s got a bunch of yellow. [He screams and Hank laughs]. Well, somebody is gonna have to explain this in the comments.

We gotta go back. everydaydays- who are these people, how do you even know who they are?

And then the sailing videos. There’s always sailing videos in my recommendations. You don’t like the water! 

Several different people singing Auld Lang Syne. I’m gonna guess this is research for something you’re doing. 

There it is! First one, SHOULD I QUIT MY VENDING MACHINE BUSINESS. I knew it, I knew it! And another one and more and like more vending mach- what, they’re all watched all the way through and they’re all like 15/20 minutes long. 1.3 million views- YouTube is so weird now.

I’m doing the exact same face as DoctorBenjy FM here.

How much does a laundromat cost to run. John, I’m gonna support you whatever direction wanna go in your life but I do want to have a serious conversation before you go start a laundromat.

Minutephysics, football, football, Rick and Morty. There’s gonna be a bunch of Good Place videos here- yeah, that was me. Jürgen Klopp, Jürgen Klopp.

Advanced Algorithms (COMPSCI 224), lecture 1 from Havard University .

John, you watched Hank, Maureen and John in Grand Rapids (our first event together). 5 minutes long. You watched that recently, that’s very cute. Aww.

I watched The Adventure Zone: Season 3 Trailer 2 times and, uh, John watched Safiya Nygaard’s Choosing My Wedding Dress and then Mike Tyson’s hoverboard fail and fall.

John, it’s a fascinating look into your psyche and your day but lets go back to camera 1.

Pizzamas is ending. There are many different Pizzamas products at that you can get now through the end of the weekend and then never again. We got our pineapple, no pineapple pins and so far, I have to say pineapple’s winning a lot though it may just be that, like, no pineapple people are like yeah I mean whatever, live your life- I don’t want to yuck on your warm, salty fruit. All the shirts from our wonderful designers. Only available until the end of the weekend and all the profits from Pizzamas products are going to increase maternal health in Sierra Leone .

John, thank you for the wonderful Pizzamas, I wish you all of the luck in your new vending machine business and I will see you on normal Tuesday.

Conspiracy theory- is the YouTube algorithm suggesting vending machine videos because it wants people to get used to the idea of servicing machines.