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My first Questions and Answers video, let us know what you think! If you guys like it, we'll do more in the future.

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Thanks to the following people for their questions.

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Lizzie: Hey everyone! Thank you for watching my video diaries so far. And thank you for asking so many great questions; I can't believe this many people find my life interesting.

 So to show my extreme gratitude I'm going to answer some of those awesome questions right here, right now. My name is Lizzie Bennet and this is Lizzie Answers Questions! ...Lizzie Spits the Truth! ...Lizzie Explains it All! ...What the heck do I call these things?

(intro plays)

Lizzie: Let's get right to it. From Setalay on YouTube, "What is it that you want to do after grad school?" 

Well, I'm studying mass communications, so any of the ways that we as a culture disseminate information broadly: TV, film, radio, advertising, newspapers... but YouTube, now YouTube fascinates me.

From EverSinceImmortal on YouTube: "Hooray! Jane is such a sweetheart! What about your dad, though? Will we ever meet him?" 

Having my dad on would mean having to tell him, which would mean having to tell my mom, which would be HORRIFYING!

From mikazuki-of-the-blue-umbrellas on Tumblr: "Don't you think your mother's focus on a husband is at least the littlest bit sexist?"

In her case, less sexist than paleozoic. I'd like to think that if I had brothers she'd be just as focused on finding them wives. Moms: gotta love 'em. 

From 811Neo: "Lizzie Bennet, are you going to be at VidCon?"

I think so. I hope so. I just wish I knew someone who could give me a ticket. 

From Mismassed-(stumbles over username) From MismatchedMarbles on Tumblr: "Who's your favorite author?"

I'm a graduate student. My favorite author is anyone who can make their argument in less than fifty pages without mentioning hermeneutics or socially constructing anything. 

From aseasyash on YouTube: "Lydia is excitable, inexperienced, and easily led astray. That, to me, says 'party girl' more than 'slut'. Lizzie, your college education is making you a tad judgmental or preparing you for a career on Fox."

Whoa! Listen, I'm not opposed to responsible, smart, safe women doing whatever they like in the bedroom with whomever they like. I just hope Lydia becomes one of those women... soon. 

From TheStalkerNinja on Youtube--cool name!--"Are those Hunger Games books on your shelf?"

Yup. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

From Noratrafero on Tumblr: "We all get that you don't want to marry someone because he's rich, but I was wondering, what DO you look for in guys? You seem like the type who'd like to be respected and treated as an equal, but I was wondering."

Of COURSE I want to be respected and treated as an equal, who wouldn't? Uh, I also want someone intelligent whom I can have a lively debate with and, um, who knows what he wants in the world and isn't afraid to go after it .

From BettyBlonde1994 on YouTube: "Love your vids! Just wondering how old Lydia and Jane are."

I'm not sure if they want me to reveal their ages to the entire interwebs, but, uh, let's see. I think Lydia's home.

(calls) Hey Lydia?

Lydia (from off screen): What?

Lizzie: How old are you? 

Lydia (from off screen): How old do I need to be?

Lizzie: No, I'm asking because someone had a question--

(Lizzie is cut off by Lydia as she enters the room.)

Lydia: Because seriously, I just got my new IDs and they are GREAT!

Lizzie (reading ID card): Mary Crawford... TWENTY SIX?

Lydia: Ssh! A proper lady never reveals her age.

Okay, where're we going? Because I have got some SERIOUS cabin fever (singing) and this girl needs to get her groo-ove back...

Lizzie: Uh, no, hah. No, you-you misunderstand. We're not going anywhere.

Lydia: What?


Lizzie: Um... Can you go away now? Please?


(Lydia snatches ID card back and leaves Lizzie's room with an "I'm watching you" gesture.)

Lizzie: ...Okay! That's all for today.

(Lydia lurks in the doorway, unnoticed by Lizzie, and slowly slinks into Lizzie's room.)

Lizzie: Thank you, everyone, for watching, for asking great questions, for sharing with your friends, for liking, for subscribing, and you can ask me more questions on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google Plus, and of course, right here on YouTube, all of those links are below. 

(Lizzie turns around and sees Lydia, who gives Lizzie a hug from behind.)

Lydia: TheLydiaBennet everywhere. Go!

(Lydia leaves the room. Lizzie makes a "cut" gesture.)