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The 43rd map:

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Some new terms to add to your vocabulary. Like amychesis, zipperpull, and wristy.

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

 Introduction (00:00)

"What does it say about a person if they know the word for scratching someone during sex?"

They've watched Sexplanations.

[Intro Card]

Let me know in the comments how many of these are new to you. From "z" to "a:"

 Zipperpull (00:10)

It's a pleasure-through-pain technique in which clothespins are strategically clipped here on the elephant to the skin so that when they're laced together with a cord or string, they can be tugged and come off in succession like a zipper.

 Yancy (00:27)

Slang for a sexually transmitted infection. Also a cool person, a person who can do anything, and a measure of how many times someone masturbates.

Wear a condom, block a yancy.

 Xenophilia (00:37)

The attraction to things that are strange, foreign, or unknown.

I'm thinking of Fred Kwan and Laliari. And also Xenophilius Lovegood.

 Wristy (00:45)

A handjob. Stroking the penis with one's hand to cause ejaculation.

 Vanilla (00:49)

What we think of as standard or traditional, conventional, typical sex. For us in the US that might be a couple having a handful of sexual positions in a single encounter of less than forty-five minutes with no kink.

There are entire realms beyond vanilla.

 Unisex  (01:05)

Something for every sex. It's gender blind, like clothes, bathrooms, or sports where no one is excluded because of gender or sex.

 Tucking (01:11)

A penis hiding practice used by male to female crossdressers or transfolk, who want a flat front.

 Sexplanaut (01:19)

Sexplanateers are what I affectionately call viewers of this channel. Sexplanauts is a coin termed by Daniel Winters to describe a special kind of sexplanateer.

Those of you who have given us money on Subbable.

 Raking (01:30)

Scraping teeth along the shaft of a penis during fellatio. Use your lips as rake guards.

 Quiltbag (01:36)

An easy to remember, easy to pronounce, acronym for gender and sexual minorities. GSM. There isn't a consensus as to what each letter represents, but most versions include: queer questioning, undecided, intersex, lesbian, trans, bisexual, asexual, gay.

 Pedomentia (01:51)

The belief that one's foot size correlates with one's penis size.

 Os (01:56)

Best Scrabble term ever! All those extra o's! What does it mean? It refers to the opening in the cervix. The opening that goes into the uterus, there're actually two of them, an internal and an external os.

It looks like this (02:06), about the size of a piercing. Maybe a little bit bigger.

That's the hole that a baby comes out of, except that it dilates.

And so if you've had an abortion, a miscarriage, or a baby, then something has come out of that hole and when it goes back to its regular size, because it's been expanded, it will actually collapse on itself and look more like a hyphen.

 Nonmonogamy (02:24)

An umbrella term to describe relationships where at least one person is with more than one person. Okay, let me get my French correct. Franklin Veaux, my apologies, has an amazing map to add to the collection of 42 Hank has put together. There's a link below and on FaceTumWitter.

 Mittelschmerz (02:39)

Pain related to ovulation. Yep, if menstruation wasn't bad enough, you get another kick to your middle. Mittelschmerz, middle pain. This can be caused by follicles rupturing, pushing their way out of the ovary, fluid irritation, and contractions.

 Lupanar (02:54)

A brothel or an establishment of sex work. When I toured Pompeii I was told that Lupanar came from the way that the sex workers would howl at their johns. Lupis- wolf, Lupanar- wolf den.

 Kreplits (03:05)

A term coined by Kidder Caper on the "Sex is Fun" show, referring to the units of love, energy, and affection a person has for themselves and for others.

My love is immeasurable, but my ability to show that love is limited by the amount of kreplits I have. Fighting depletes my kreplits, sleeping restores them, and flirting boosts them.

 Jelqing (03:23)

Milking the penis over time to enlarge it. Some critics go,"Eh," others claim inches! There are videos.

 Intermazium (03:31)

Inter--meaning between--and mazium, referring to mazos, or breasts in Greek.  The space between the breasts, where there may or may not be cleavage.

 Hedonism (3:40)

A belief system that pleasure is the ideal pursuit of life, the ultimate good.  Everybody should be striving for it, and the goal is to increase pleasure, reduce pain, and to meet all your needs and desires that are physical.

Hedonist resorts in Jamaica with this very name cater to this doctrine with mirrored ceilings, multi-headed showers, sandy beaches, club ten guests, and all the food and drink included.

 Gaylese (4:03)

A language used by people who identify as gay to express their identities, subculture, and beliefs with each other.  Also called gayspeak, fag-lang, faglish, gail, buff-talk, or the queen's vernacular.

 Fellatrix (4:15)

A woman performing fellatio.

 Edging (4:18)

Building up a heightened level of sexual arousal right before the 'point of no return', stopping sexual stimulation so that you're postponing orgasm.  It's also called peaking or surfing.  The idea is to train the body to slow down or to build the tension up for a better orgasm to come.  [giggle]  To come.

 Dogging (4:37)

Having or watching sex in a public or semi-public place.

 Catfished (4:42)

You might say that someone has been Catfished if they believe that a romantic relationship established online is real, when indeed it's fabricated by an online predator.

Really real.  These predators create back stories, social networks, common interests, and then take really long periods of time to get to know one another.

 Binding (4:59)

Wrapping or compressing the top so that the breasts are flattened, because, you know, people with breasts may not want to be affiliated with being female, so they conceal these by banding them with elastic or ACE bandages, maybe multiple t-shirts built up on one another.  It's typically a step before top surgery, where the breast tissue is removed completely.

 Amychesis (5:17)

Scratching during sex.


There you have it!  Twenty-six new sex words!

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