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In which Hank and Katherine actually USE the polyjuice potion to infiltrate the Slytherin common room and investigate the Slytherins.
Hank: Hello, and welcome to Hank and Katherine play Harry Potter years 1 through 4! Last time on Hank and Katherine play Harry Potter years 1 through 4 we were...we had learned how to use Polyjuice Potion and we're headed down to the Slytherin common room so that we can become the Slytheri. And 

Katherine: Mhm..

H: Infiltrate! Is the word I was looking for.

K: Oh, okay, well both...both are accurate

H: We are going to infil..investigate

K: Infiltrate and investigate...and then investigate!

H: Infiltrate and investigate, yes

K: The doooo...gooders of Slytherin

H: Do-gooders?

K: Yeah, well.

H: This is a slime dungeon!

K: This is the bathroom.

H: Why is it so slimy?

K: Because it's...dirty!

H: And why is there a hair, apple, and crab in here?

K: Because we have to make Polyjuice Potion.

H: I'm just saying like, why?

K: Oh, um...that is a good question. That's the kind of question, though, that doesn't get you anywhere with LEGO Harry Potter

H: What did you find?

K: Found something!

H: Is it a crab?

K: I don't know. Doesn't look like it.

H: It doesn't look like it!

K: It looks like some kind of tap.

H: Tap.

K: Maybe I have to put it in the tap. Yeah, I do.

H: You have to put it over there! That makes perfect sense. That is how you do it

K: Yeah. Then...

H: And then!

K: Maybe it sucks up a...something...something happened over here...okay?

H: Oh? You found a crab...lobster

K: Oh, I did find a lobster. Okay.

H: Okay we can't go that way, because of these metal things which I cannot jump over which is ludicrous! Oh, there's sinks, we should shoot the sinks. I didn't know that shooting sinks was something that was on the docket for this evening

K: Always shoot everything, honey

H: Yeah, I don't know why I ever stopped shooting.

K: You just always be pushing "B"

H: (Singing) Alweees! (Speaking) Alwees?

K: (Singing and laughing) Alweeees

H: (Singing) Alweeees be pushing "B." Alwees be pushing "B" Why am I using Incarcerus? 

K: Why...why are you targeting me? Why are you targeting me? It's really annoying!

H: I was targeting everything! LeviOsa! Not LevioSA, yeah!

K: That was necessary

H: That's need to be on one of them when I do it


H: Go. Okay.

K: Wow was really nothing I could do about that, actually.

H: Really?

K: Yeah, I just slid right off.

H: I'm trying to undo it.

K: Just stop, it'll do it by itself, you're making it continuous is what you're doing.

H: Oh!

K: Okay. Oh my god, just slide right off.

H: Maybe you should get on one of the other ones since you don't wanna have to jump.

K: I should just slide right...I should just get on one of the other ones. Get me on this one...oh my god, okay. Do it! Ahhh slippery! Okay, go! Go!

H: I'm trying!

K: Go!

H: I'm trying! What in the god's world? Yeah! What is ha...oh my goodness?

K: Unlocked Moaning Myrtle!

H: Something is bad!

K: Or maybe...I don't know.

H: No? I think this is her bathroom...hello? And...I'm...turning that on and making flower grow, it will apparently give us an apple? Apple? No? Now you have to build a...thing which is a...

K: (Laughing) What?

H: Valve!? And an apple! Oh my god, yay!

K: (Unenthusiastic) Yay, oh my god, yay.

H: Now I don't...where do we get the hair is the question?

K: We don't, that's the strength potion.

H: That's not the strength potion, that's Polyjuice, it's in a gold thing! 

K: Hm, you're right.

H: We already got the hair

K: (Laughs)

H: (Groans) We're so stoned, man! I'm a kitty!

K: (Imitates laughter) The reason you can tell that we're who we are is because we're wearing Crabbe and Goyle hair on top of our hair!

H: Hair. That stupid hair.

K: That's gonna fool...

H: (Sings) Catgirl!!!

K: (Singing Batman song) nananananananana 

H: (Singing) Catgirl!!!

K: Fishes!

H: By which I think you mean drumsticks.

K: Fishes?

H: Why am I Ron? I'm confused.

K: (Laughs) Welcome to my world, man. Let me put one in there! I know what they are!

H: Do it!

K: Do it! I'm stuck in the water, okay. Yay!! 

H: I made this thing shoot. Hello! (Singing) Water, we're dancing...doing a dance of a thing!

K: No I lifted that guy up off of this guy and it gave me that.

H: (Singing) That seems like it is...too complicated! Shouldn't have been that hardddddd

K: No one

H: I'm doing this one. What is this little door?

K: Radio.

H: (Imitates radio)

K: (Singing along) 

K: Ooh! Fell off the end! Apparently there's a nowhere!

H: Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Cliff to nowhere in the common room.

K: Yeah.

H: Yep.

K: Hm. 

H: Hello planty! Planty?! Hello, planty?! I've got a light! I'm so confused, why didn't that work?

K: You're not close enough. There we go.

H: Ugh, you can't even do it. (Singing) I cannot walk through the water because I am...apparently the wicked witch of the west. (Speaking) Hello! What are you doing?

K: Dumping out some parts which you will need to build a thing

H: I didn't realize that we could...

K: Which will...turn off the water. 

H: Do it! And while you do it, I'm gonna do that. Ahh! Snake! What??

K: Hm...

H: I think you need to go talk to that...Harry. Because you have a Parseltongue

K: Do I? Maybe I just need to shoot it

H: Ah, I think you were correct about just needing to shoot it.

K: (Laughs)

H: (Groans)

K: I love this disco dancing!

H: Yeah! Yes, death to you all. (Starts imitating wand noises)

K: Hm.

H: Alright, suit of armor man.

K: Oh, swagger!

H: Are you going to push this thing?

K: Yeah, man!

H: We have created a beast of burden! He is handling our burden...exploding

K: (Laughs)

H: Why are you doing that?

K: Handstands? WheezyWaiter!

H: (Singing) Wheeeeezy waaaaaiter! (Speaking) I'm gonna push Z

K: Did you just..

H: Can I push Z?

K: Do what I thought you did?

H: No, what did I do?

K: There was a blue one over there, where's that blue one?

H: (Whiny) I don't know! (mumbles)

K: Haha! Haha!

H: Why did it..what did it even matter? Hello, I'm a Slytherin! Let me in! The darkness!!

K: Mm. Darkness. (Imitating bell) Dingle dingle dingle!

H: That was funny (Imitating bell) Dingle ding!

H: You are a dingle ding. You little man

K: Oh are you going to the...what are you doing?

H: What are we...that's fine. What...I'm confused!

K: That is what we have to accomplish, apparently. To follow the Draco.

H: They were like, that is too hard. We have to teach them how to do it. I love the stud magnet.

K: Yes, the children won't...the children will never know what to do unless we show them explicitly.

H: I'm going to clean that, and I did that! That's good! It would appear that now I could do something with these, which would be in the end...the creation of a frame! A window...a not window. Hello, not wavey! Hello wavey! What happened? I'm confused. Yeah, you did it! But we already...he already did it for us. Look at that giant drumstick!

K: (Singing, imitating a trumpet fanfare) Buh buhbuh BUH!

H: I let the drumstick out...and now it's running away. Where are you going, fish? Go fish?

K: Of course, that's what the Slytherins spend their time doing..

H: Okay I put the drumstick in this...tank

K: No don't put it in that one. Put it in that one there.

H: No, I just got it out of that one. 

K: Oh, okay.

H: But now I can do something with this head.

K: Hm...Oh you have to put them back in the eyes.

H: Put them BACK in the eyes!

K: Did you shoot everything over here?

H: No!

K: Of course not!

H: Because I am not you.

K: (Groans) Too frustrating for me

H: Draco...what? 

K: Is..I said it's so frustrating for me when you do that!

H: Oh, I'm sorry. Are you the air of Slyth...what are my hats doing?

Both: Oh no! (Mumble screaming)

K:I look like Ron Weasley again

H: I booking wike Won Weasley

K: Wonald Weasley! Wonald Weasley is afwaid of spiders! Wun Away!

H: Wun away, Wonald Weasley! (Starts singing along with game music)

K: Wonald Weasley! All we have are Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. We never ever ever get the Slytherins.

H: Uh oh, did we get it? I think we did.

K: Yes we just barely did, right at the very end.

H: True wizard!! God, look at us! 1.2 gajigigees!

K: Gajigigigeees! That makes you want to touch me, apparently.

H: My hand is cold.

K: (Laughs) Oh, I see! Huhh...used! I'm used! I'm being used! I can't believe your hand is cold, my hand is the sweatiest thing ever! I am playing video games and sweating!

H: It's cold!

K: Okay, is that the end of this episode of...

H: Yes! It is the end of the episode of...

K: LEGO Harry Potter with Hank and Katherine Green.

H: Hank and Katherine play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1 through 4

K: Years 1-4. You will not see us...

H: You will not see us and we will not see you, but you will hear us next time on Hank and Katherine play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1 through 4.

K: Goodbye!

H: Goodbye!