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Caroline is in town.

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Lizzie: Another day, another awkward dinner at de Bourgh's. With everything going on with the Darcy drama, I'd almost forgotten how much I don't look forward to those things. But you know what really gets me about these dinners? There always seems to be some sort of unexpected surprise. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and Caroline was at dinner last night.

[intro plays]

Lizzie: For those of you wondering if I got an explanation from her about, well, everything, I didn't. While I was busy dodging Catherine de Bourgh's unsolicited life advice, Caroline was busy receiving every praise possible. Apparently, she's given hair styling advice to the empress of Japan. de Bourgh pointed out how unfortunate Caroline's timing was because she just missed Darcy. Which is weird, because I would have thought among her many accomplishments, timing would at the top her list.

(hears knocking)

Come in!

Caroline: (opens door) Hi Lizzie!

Lizzie: Whoa.

Caroline: Oh, sorry. Bad time. I'll come back later. (leaves)

Lizzie: No, wait! Come back here! (leaves)

(cut to her sitting next to Caroline) Hi Caroline.

Caroline: Hi Lizzie. You look well. Skinny.

Lizzie: I've been trying to get a hold of you for months.

Caroline: I know. I'm (exhales) I'm sorry about all that. Things just got so busy in Los Angeles.

Lizzie: So you got to see Jane.

Caroline: Barely. But she looks really well. Not as well as you. Oh, is that a new dress?

Lizzie: What are you doing here?

Caroline: Just visiting.

Lizzie: Visiting Collins and Collins?

Caroline: No. You, silly! I missed you. What's going on in your life?

Lizzie: Well, a lot.

Caroline: Like what?

Lizzie: Have you seen my videos?

Caroline: No, I've been so busy. 

Lizzie: So you haven't seen any of my videos since you left for Los Angeles.

Caroline: (shakes head) I've been super swamped. You know how it is. The move and all.

Lizzie: Yeah, about that. Did we do something wrong?

Caroline: No, no. We just had to get back to Los Angeles. 

Lizzie: Without saying goodbye.

Caroline: E-um... I admit that was a little rude. But Bing had an emergency. Doctor stuff, lives in danger, you know how it is.

Lizzie: But, uh, Bing's a med student.

Caroline: Who is destined to save many lives. He's quite popular in L.A. right now, especially with the ladies.

Lizzie: And what about Jane?

Caroline: Oh my god, poor thing! I am so sorry that that did not work out. But she's still young and beautiful. She'll bounce back.

Lizzie: So what happened there?

Caroline: What happened where?

Lizzie: The night of Bing's birthday, something happened that night.

Caroline: Well, a lot of things happened that night.

Lizzie: No, I mean one day you're in town, the next day you're gone like you're fleeing from the plague.

Caroline: Oh Lizzie, stop being so dramatic. Bing's big night was just family, friends, a great time. But that's old news, water under the bridge. Let's talk about what happened recently. To you. What's going on in the life of Lizzie Bennet? (Lizzie doesn't respond) Lizzie, your viewers are waiting.

Lizzie: What's going on here?

Caroline: These are your videos. You're supposed to talk about your life, camera's rolling.

Lizzie: Yes, I'm aware, but why are you being so pushy?

Caroline: Lizzie, I'm helping you. (leaves frame) Ooh, where's that hat? (enters frame and places newsie hat on Lizzie's head) There, this'll help.

Lizzie: (takes hat off) You have been watching my videos.

Caroline: No, I haven't, that's why I need you to catch me up!

Lizzie: You've been watching my videos and now you want to know what's in Darcy's letter.

Caroline: No I don't.

Lizzie: I believe an appropriate response would have been, "What letter?"

Caroline: Oh, I hear Mr. Collins calling me. Excuse me, Lizzie. 

Lizzie: (raises eyebrow to camera)

[outro plays]