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In which many goals are scored. I recommend you turn your volume down now...

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Oh! It has to be! And it is! Oh, it is!

I'll tell you what I do like. Gooooooals!

'Bald John Green, John Green,
He gives it all for the team,
Upon his moustache we're keen,
Bald John Green, John Green.'

...a couple of men who love each other giving each other some hugs. Ooooh! Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

It's a great ball to Mr. Smith. And he goes to Washington again! the short run, not for the better. Oooh!

I worked mostly in the evening. Oooh!

'Ya Ya Ya'... Dang it!

I feel ya, man. I feel ya. Ooooh! It's from nothing.

...I think, like, universal among parents - Oooh! John Greens, John... Ay, ah, whuh, huh - that started so weird.

Oh, but I got close enough! Sebby Brown with his first goal and likely only ever goal and he does the robot just like the other Wimbly Womblys!

Oh, it has to be! And it is! Oh! P. Sweeney!

'Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Bamba just made a steal'
I'll sing for any reason.

Oh, you gotta get it Bald John Green! Oooooohh!

Dooohoho! How do you like them apples!

Oh! It gets behind him!

He was always a great actor though. Big fan of his work in 90210.

...go on with his - Ooohooooo!

I like that play a lot! And it's a goal, it's a beautiful goal! Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

...a mass conspiracy to put doping - Oooh! John Green to John Green!

...the howling. Yes, Sarah couldn't handle - Ooooh!

...neither as good nor as bad as people - Ooooh! Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

Get it! Oh, it's a goal!

Come on John Green. Yes!

'One Jacky Midson,
There's only one Jacky Midson!'

It's a good pa... I like it. Yes!

Yes! The AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys are moving on!

...neither as good nor as bad as people - Ooooh! Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

Um... Oh, it has to be! And it finally is!

Oh! Oh, oh, it has to be! And it is! is - Ooooooh!
'He's big, he's tough,
He has a brilliant puff,
Other John Green, Other John Green.'

I'm gonna divorce you. I think that was Other John Green so I take it back. I would never... Um, no. No.
'I-ee-I will always love you-ooo'
I didn't get there, Meredith. I did't get there.