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I know that the ones who love us will miss us.

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Hank Green:
Good morning John. 
So I'm sure you've seen this clip of Keanu Reeves talking to Stephen Colbert because, we actually talked about it. 

So, I, I know that you have, but I'm gonna show it to you for everybody else too.

Stephen Colbert: What do you think happens when we die, Keanu Reeves?
Keanu Reeves: *deep breath* I know that the ones who love us will miss us.

Certain people watching will no doubt be aware that John, you have like a, a thing for Keanu Reeves and I want to start out by saying that this video is not a Keanu Reeves video. I know that John you someday you are going to make your Keanu video.That's not what I'm doing right now, I'm not gonna take that away from you.

This video is just about that one Stephen Colbert interview, nothing else. Stephen Colbert and Keanu Reeves. 
Before this question gets asked, they're talking about the new Bill and Ted movie. Which is actually a thing tha's happening, very exciting. 

So they're talking about ths silly silly movie and like the universe ending if they can't write a song. And Stephen Colbert like asks one of the two or three biggest questions that humanity has ever a joke, obviously. 

But the joke kinda, is that like this is of course a silly thing to ask anyone on a late show. Like this is a time for fun and levity, but the joke is also that it's kind of not a weird question somehow to ask Keanu Reeves.

Like I don't really care to hear most people's take on this question, like, urgh ok it's kind of boring, we've been through this. But I kinda want to know what Keanu would say. 

And that in itself is something that's like, weird and interesting to examine. Like why do I want to know what Keanu would say?  

Even after a conversation where Keanu is talking about like, action fight scene silliness...

SC: What is it like to fight on a horse? 
KR: It's fun!

Like literally right before Stephen asks the big question, like, Keanu is making this face. Like look at this face!

But here's the thing, Stephen does not ask, the traditional big question: What happens to us when we die?
He asks: what do you think happens when we die?

All of us hear that "to us" in there, one because it's like the big question and two, because it's the thing we're actually worried about. But Keanu answers the question as asked; what happens when we die?

KR: I know that the ones who love us will miss us.

HG: And then comes my favorite part of this video! Not, Keanu's answer, but the audience having no idea what to do with this.
There is a protocol for what is happening, and the reason that this lands so hard is that the protocol has been broken. We just had a non-late show answer to a late show question. 

First you hear like a couple giggles because people were expecting a, a funny answer to this question 'cause like how can you answer it any other way? Then they realize it was a sincere answer so they go with the like, sincere answer noise. Which is aww. But only a few of them, most people are sitting there, in silence. Which I can tell you is what I did on Sunday morning when I watched this clip and then cried alone in my bed. 

And then the audience eventually finds the right thing to do which is just clap. Because...Keanu just did an amazing thing.
Not only did he like, violate late show protocol in a really clever, interesting way, he also like, answered the specific question that Stephen Colbert was asking. Like the exact wording. But in a way, the big question too. 

Because ultimately maybe what happens to us when we die isn't as important as what happens to everybody else. Maybe that should be the thing that we care about, the thing that we think about, the thing that we connect with. Maybe, turning these things outward instead of inward would be a really positive thing for a lot of aspects of our lives. 

God dang it Keanu! That was good! It was so good! John, I see what you see in this guy! And I will see you on Tuesday.