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Lizzie: Hi everyone! Still at Collins and Collins offices, and considering that I only have a little bit of time left here, I thought it was a good idea for me to get started on my independent study projects. Remember those? How I'm writing up a report and analysis on different new media companies and the first is on Charlotte's? Well, I'm going to structure my arguments thusly: I'll begin by looking at the initial business objectives when the company started up and then follow that with the evolution of those goals --

Charlotte: (enters frame) Okay. You need to stop. 

Lizzie. What? Why?

Charlotte: No one cares about your project. We just want to know about the letter.

Lizzie: Letter? What letter?

Charlotte: Her name is Lizzie Bennet, and she's holding out on us.

Lizzie: (worried look)

[intro plays]

Lizzie: (Charlotte out of frame) Okay. I know that the last few installments of my video blog have been... dramatic. And I'm not the Bennet sister who enjoys drama. You should see the texts I've been getting from Lydia about this. (reads from phone in high-pitched voice) "OMG. WTF. Whatevs. YOLO. FTS. PQZ." (in normal voice) I don't even know what that last one means. Oh, and Lydia, after the tenth exclamation point, they all kind of blur together.

And on a side note, never have I been more glad that my mother doesn't know about these videos. Can you imagine?

Lizzie: (as Mrs. Bennet) Lizzie! Are you telling me that a rich, handsome man told you he loved you and you turned him down?!

Charlotte: (as Lizzie) But I don't like him, Mom. You don't like him either.

Lizzie: I'm willing to put those feelings aside. So should you. (distraught) Where did I go wrong? Why do all my daughters continue to defile good, practical sense? 

(as herself) That aside, I know from the comments that everyone is very curious about what's in Darcy's letter. But here's the thing: I can't tell you. Trust me, I know this goes against all previously established principles of these videos, where I tell you guys every embarrassing little thing. But, the problem is, the contents of the letter are not mine to share. Some of it involves people I've never met, and I don't want to spill secrets that could potentially hurt someone. I know, that was very cryptic, and I apologize.

But I can tell you what wasn't in the letter. There was no apology for what he did to Jane. Yes, really. He does say that having watched the videos makes him realize that Jane's feelings for Bing may have been deeper than he thought, but he justifies himself by saying that since Bing was so easily separated from her, his feelings must not have been as engaged.

To which I say, that could possibly be true? And it makes want to kick Bing from here to L.A. all over again. Kick them both! And he doesn't even explain that indiscretion thing, whatever that was. And Darcy's still not big on my family: my mom, my little sister. So at least my opinion of him is justified there.

But other parts of the letter... Let's just say other parts of the letter make me think that maybe I was a little harsh on Darcy. And it makes me rethink my once good opinion of someone with whom I'm glad to say I no longer associate.

This is definitely messing with my worldview. It's like I don't know myself anymore.

Charlotte: (enters frame) That's it? That's pretty vague.

Lizzie: I know, but they're not my secrets to tell. 

Charlotte: I understand, but will the viewers?

Lizzie: What do you want me to do, ask Darcy at dinner tonight if it's all good if I make the letter public? 

Charlotte: No, you can't do that.

Lizzie: I know. If he wanted the letter public, he would have just tweeted it.

Charlotte: I mean you can't ask him at dinner because he won't be there. Darcy and Fitz filed their final report with Ms. de Bourgh this morning and caught a flight back to Los Angeles.

Lizzie: Oh. Are you...?

Charlotte: Uh, their report was very favorable to the company.

Lizzie. Good. At least the Bennet sisters' romantic entanglements won't cost you your job.

Charlotte: Please. Like your romantic entanglements could affect my employment. (pause) Don't challenge that. I'm gonna go get ready for dinner. Meet you back here in ten?

Lizzie: Sounds good.

Charlotte: (leaves frame)

Lizzie: So, not only did I insult and reject Darcy, but I managed to drive him hundreds of miles away! That should be my new slogan: Lizzie Bennet, driving people away since the early 2010s. I bet Lydia's making a t-shirt already.

[outro plays]