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Don't expect it to be, like riveting or anything. It is what it editing a video for an hour. I may curse somewhere in happens. But, yeah, editing is boring and solitary, but hopefully you find it somewhat instructive, especially if you use final cut and want to vlog.

(0:00) Hello, this is Hank Green, I'm recording me making a video. So, what I just did is I imported my clips from my card that goes inside of my camera and I put them through this program which is called MPEG Streamclip and I converted it... oh now you can see my whole desktop, that's embarrassing don't take a screen shot and share it because its messy and who knows what's on here that's confidential. And yeah... so I did that, and then I converted them into a format that final cut likes. So I'm using final cut, final cut pro. It's gotta be very similar to final cut express, for anybody who uses final cut express, which I think is $200. Pro is like a thousand, but obviously I do this professionally, so I have pro. So... Now let's start taking the magic out of all of it. Let me import my files. So I put my files onto my desktop of course, because it's all a freaking mess and I'm doing date modified because I thought I would find it, but I guess I didn't, so what did I call it? I called it: "How to Vlog". There it is. I don't know why I didn't find it. And here they are. So now there are the converted files, they actually converted, of the vlog. And so there's a few things here. This one is just flowers that I might use later in the video. This one is "outside vlog." This one is... What's this one? This one is vlog one. That's actually part of the vlog. This one is vlog two. This one... cat, cat... This one vlog three... So I'm naming these so I know what they are, clearly. That's vlog four. That's a five. So, I thought I took more footage than that, but I guess I didn't.

(2:16) So we've got vlog one, two, three four. That's my base. Actually, I think three might just be Hank sock. It is. It's just Hank sock, so three is Hank sock. And... good. So we have vlog one to four now. I'm putting this into the clip. And then we're changing the dimensions up there so they can be correct. And now, here we got... This is too close... I don't like to accidentally click on programs while I'm editing. So this is my format. This is like a slightly modified format of like, what exactly most people do with final cut express, but I have a little more room here and here. So this is final cut, and now we're gonna play.

(3:11) So that was three "Good morning Johns", that's... but that's by any means going to be the end of it. That looked like a pretty good take. That was the one I decided. So basically there's only two tools that I use a lot. There's the "B", which is the blade. It's like a razor blade. And then there's the "A", which is just select. So I push "B" and "A" a lot. My "B" and "A" buttons are probably going to break before any other buttons on my keyboard, so... pushing on my glasses... because I'm always pushing my glasses. So I make my cut, generally right where I start making noise. Except I made it in the wrong place. I do that all the time tong. I do that all the time tong, apparently. See how I turn away right after I say that? That's actually not good, cause if I wanted to use a little bit of silence there, I wouldn't have it. But I don't. So "S" sounds go on for a while. That's like three frames of "S". You don't need all three frames of those "S" to get the idea of the "S" across, So often times I'll cut one of those off. Zooming in...

(4:31) So what I'm doing right now is I am listening to find the best take, and when I hear a take start, or when I hear a take that didn't work end, I will move my mouse cursor to the play-head, sort of like to mark in my brain where the beginning of the next take is. See, I tapered off on the end there. So I decided to break that into two bits, so that I wouldn't have to do the takes over and over again to try and make more. And also it's nice to have a jump cut to keep things visually interesting. 

(5:23) See all those "S"'s? I don't need all those "S"'s. I'm going to leave them in though, because I might do something with them afterward. Why did I even try that one? Um... Yeah. I'm going to make sure I'm recording now. Yes, I appear to be recording. This is my timer. Already five minutes [Editing Hank laughs]. That was not what I meant to do. Let's just take this and text, so that you don't have something staring at you. You don't have Hank sock staring at you. There we go, that was pretty good.

(6:05) See, that one little bit of noise? That's where I make the cut. I don't leave any non-noise in front of that. That would be horrible. That would drive me crazy. It drives me crazy when I watch other people's vlogs and they do that. More "S"'s... Oh, that was almost better, but then it wasn't. So that was good, I don't know if that was better. See, you have to... I get to chose now between those two takes. I think I'm going to take the first one. That was a little too silly. Probably people would have liked that, but not everyone. And I don't know why I got my guitar out here, I was like gonna play a song and I decided that's too hard.

(6:50) So we've done, we've edited the first clip. I'm going to make... I pushed delete there, the big backspace delete, if it was a Windows keyboard it would say "backspace". And that makes, if you are on a big keyboard, like laptop keyboards won't have this, that actually cuts and leaves the space. And if you push the little delete button, it actually brings it in. So now we've got three takes out of how many minutes of footage?

(7:26) See, that was a really bad cut. I don't know what's up with that. So I'm going to listen to that again. So apparently I need all that "S", because that did not sound good. This is maybe only going to get one. So also, I did not get, I feel like I didn't get all the beginning of that. So I'm going to pull that out a couple frames, see if I missed anything. I did, I missed the "and". And then I'm going to actually pull this a couple frames over onto the "S". You get the "S" sound, but you don't get the boringness of the "S" sound. So, this is nitty gritty, but that's what I do.

(8:22) And I might actually pull that out a couple more frames. I've got another "s" there and I'm gonna pull that over the "s" and then another "s" sound. So we got those three clips and you can... and that's basically the technique, uh, and I'm gonna be doing a little bit more extra different stuff than that, but, I'm not sure if it's going to be much more useful so you might just want to, stop. Maybe I'll just put an annotation there, where it gets interesting again

(9:05) One of the worst things is when you had no idea there was something stuck in your teeth. I hate that. I looked away too soon there, but I can cover that up. So let us now try and figure out what to do here.

(9:40) I'm just making this break so I don't get confused. So I- Eye contact is very important. I didn't talk about that. Eye contact is very important. Umm. So I sto- there's like one frame where I looked away and I hate that. I do not like to look away. So I'm going to make- Pull this... above, in front of the place where I looked away.

(10:05) And I can not-. I can't imagine that-. Actually I might want to move that one over a little bit more. So you can't imagine that this actually matters right? But it's important to me. So. I believe! I declare! As expert! That was a long "I". "I" is a long noise too. It's a diphthong. "I". Nerd jokes. 

(11:00) What I'm doing here is I've gone from, like, loud and excited to calm and that's another juxtaposition that's from the (?). You wouldn't have ever thought that so much thought goes into a Vlogbrothers video, right? I like that one because I actually say more, so it makes more sense and it gets the point I wanted to get across better... which is important, to actually get your point across.

(11:53) I actually made a "rule of thirds" image that I'm going to put in here. Not a very good hand gesture, but it will work. There's a bit coming up that I might cut out, because I always make my videos too long, but um, so I'm going to import my "rule of thirds" graphic that I made. So this is a 32-bit PNG, which preserves transparency, which means that when I throw this over this, you will see... you can see through it. Um, and I might actually make that a little see-through. So down here, there's a see-through bar. You can make it a little see-through. Um, that actually also works for sound, to change your sound level, which I'm not doing, 'cause I have a good sound level now.

(12:59) Oh, did I... frick. I do this all the time. I cut out the wrong thing. Um, so that's another annoying... ahh... potentially annoying thing. You and you and you. Okay. I lost my "d" noise there. I lost my "d." Had to say "soun." Wanna say "sound." Ahhh. This is - this seems - I'm screwing up way more than I usually do.

(13:43) Where'd my "rule of thirds" graphic go? That's weird. That should not happen. It should still be there. "Divide your screen into - " Come on. So I might cut this out, because it's not that interesting. And I might run out of time. So give it a good fwink there...  see how my eyes and my mouth are both falling on those lines? 

(15:02) Katherine just got home. See that it's 3:20 and my goal is to be done by 5:00, which is probably not gonna happen. This is true, by the way - I watch people all the time who have their eyes in the center of the frame, and it does not look good. That was a quick cut - "because the eyes..." I often say things along with me, with my recorded self, which is weird. So this is me - I don't know what I'm going to say here, it's not in the script, and I'm not sure how I'm going to say it, so... that was a good one.

(16:09) Another thing that you can notice here: look at my eyes. Yeah, see right there? My eyes moved. They're going back and forth between the lens and the viewfinder, so I can see - I can frame myself. Umm... that - I don't like that. I don't like that I do that. I should either look at one or the other. Um, but sometimes when I'm looking just at the viewfinder, people are like, "Why aren't you looking at the lens?" and the closer you get to the camera, the more pronounced that can be... it looks like you're looking at a teleprompter or something. So that's annoying, but it's not the end of the world. Hopefully you won't notice it all the - notice it all the time.

(16:55) So when I'm talking fast, of course I do lots of takes. So that was a really good fast-talk there, and I wanted it to be, because - and then that's kind of a good place for a little - a bit of silence to differentiate between this and the next part of the video. So I left like one frame of silence there. It's a breath of silence. And then I have a big punch to differentiate the next section. This is all stuff I do subconsciously.

(17:48) That would be ridiculous. Also jump cuts, when you're filming, it's important to actually move around in the frame. So I move over here... I'm in a swirly chair, obviously - and then, when I know that I'm gonna reset, I actually move back, and then I decide that that wasn't gonna be good enough and I decided that I would do it over here. So I moved, you know, from like this area to this area, and when you do a jump-cut and you just, like, stay in the same place, it's not as... like... it's not as cool. You know. I don't know why. I'm not gonna have a...

(18:39) Um, so let's see how - I'm actually gonna put this over - nope. You can drag it out - so I've got my "A" - I'm switching back and forth between my "A" and "B" all the time. I'm not saying when I do that because it's totally subconscious. So you can go either under or over - it's a slightly different effect, but it basically does the same thing. You can get the "s" noise without the boredom of the "s." Um, also "CTRL+G" closes a gap, so that's nice. Um, if you are not using Final Cut, um, then, oh well. You will figure it out with your software.

(19:36) I'm gonna close all these gaps down to see how long my video is right now so I can have a better idea of whether I should be cutting things out. It's about a minute long, which is good. So that is a good place for those to disappear, also I want to make those transparent, which I told you how to do earlier. Click on that and pull down the line a little bit, and that looks pretty good. So that all needs to be tightened. So I'm tightening here and that's gonna mean that I'm gonna wanna zoom in there and cut the end of those off so it doesn't bleed onto that. Actually, that still is a little bit too much gap for me. I am a perfectionist. And there's a big long "s" at the end of that. There's a little - like "th" has a little bit of a - and I left the mouth on. So the mouth gets to stay on top, it gets to be over that, cause that's the joke. Up there, that's the visual joke, you want to keep the visual joke on top so you're not cutting it out. So I'm probably not gonna need to overlap on that one - yeah. I'm just like - two frames that overlapped.

(21:40) I've already recorded for 20 minutes so ha hopefully this is not boring as hell. That was a long little monologue. See see the length of most of my clips, that's gonna be above average. Nope. CTRL, Z, A, B; are the only buttons I push. See that was the on the long end of a clip for me.

(22:40) So try to keep the - tryin to keep the eye contact despite the fact that I looked away really fast, shouldn't have, but I did. That was another long clip actually. I could if I wanted to go - go and like download, I don't have old Vlogbrothers videos on my computer or anything, so I could download them off of YouTube using, which only works with safari, for some reason, on my computer and then I would download that and then I would put, like I could put a clip of me early vlogging so you could like see how badly I sucked, but I don't think I'm gonna do that. So that's an idea.

(23:10) Like I, like I have ideas while I'm editing that make the editing process take longer and so, you know there's several different places in the creation of a video where I'm gonna have an idea. I'm gonna have an idea, like, when I have the idea for the video; I'll have a bunch of ideas for how to make the video. I'll have an idea when I'm writing stuff, cause I want to make sure that it's good.  When I'm writing it out, like writing out an outline, or a script. I do both of those, sometimes I don't do either. And I'll have ideas, while I'm filming, so I'll be like "STOP, GO GET THE CAT, you need to do put-the-cat-in-the-video." Or, you know, put on a mustache or Hank-sock will be great here. And then I'll have ideas while I'm editing. And sometimes I will go and I'll turn the camera back on, and I'll fill something in, like if I think of a really good joke. Sometimes, I will pull things off the internet, sometimes I'll put text on the screen, like if I say a really good "That's what she said", or something like that. And then, uh, yeah, and then by the time you've exported the video you can't really have any more ideas except for annotations and thumbnails and description stuff. The ideas are throughout the entire process. I don't even know what I was talking about. 

(24:34) So, I had a thought here, that I was leaving something out. So this clip is actually gonna go,  it's not all linear. So I talk more clipped, when I'm making vlogs, because I know that it's good to cut things out, so and I don't make long 's' noises, and like 'my brother', not 'my brotherrr', with a long 'r' noise, 'my brother'. Because-so you heard how I said that-so that's actually me thinking ahead, that it's gonna be easier to edit this. 

(25:15) Also I'm hitting the space bar to make things play and stop, by the way. And then I'm hitting the arrow key to go back and forth. Eye contact! I was actually just thinking about this, and it would have been better if I had said, 'sort of an amalgam of John, and like every comment I've ever read, and, every interaction I've ever had with someone who watches my videos', because that's who my audience is now, and it's important to think about who your audience is, and to have a good conception of who your audience is. And so it was cool to know that John was my audience, because I knew that he was someone I wanted to impress, wanted to work with, and someone I wanted to make laugh. And now I feel my audience- and it's obviously not, a seventeen year old high school woman-girl, whatever a seventeen year-old is? and it's not a thirteen year old boy, and it's not a forty-five year old mom, it's all of those people sort of mashed together. I think about all of them and I think about what would really offend those people, and I avoid things that would really, really offend those people. Like I curse a lot in real life but I would not-I wouldn't do that because I know that moms are watching. And teachers, and stuff like that. 

(26:59) And I also think about what would be really appealing to those people if I think that something would be mildly appealing to them, or really appealing to one bit of it but not really appealing to another bit, I'll still use that. If I think it'll be like mildly offensive to one bit but appealing to another bit, I'll still use that. I'm taking so much time to do this. So that's a transition, just a regular transition, to be like 'okay, and we're doing the next thing', it wasn't a very good transition, but. I wish there could've been a better transition. Oops! 

(28:06) Ugh, it's so hard not to judge the way that you look when you do this. I'm like 'my eyes are puffy!' and I feel like a total metrosexual, to be like 'nngg I don't like the way I look'. This is very important. See I would rather have not said hell there, because I think 'dull as hell' is kind of a boring expression, but I didn't want to say what I wanted to say, which was 'dull as fuck'. And I don't know what like, why I do the things that I do with my head and my hands, that just happens.

(29:38) Alright, and I also remember that I screwed up that line a lot, so I'm gonna skip ahead some. Ahh, god I was so close! Nope. And we're coming up to the fun part of the video! Because as the video gets longer it is more important to make it fun because people are like 'oh my god I'm still watching this video?' 

(30:40) I also need to get some glare free glasses, geez. Look at those glares. Keep 'thing' interesting? And sometimes I don't even notice when I say something wrong. But it's okay. So that was a long 'd' noise, but I'm gonna keep some of it in there. So this is where I'm gonna use that clip of the... flowers. So, I got a bee, so I'm gonna take this bee. Ah, there's a bird singing, too. That's beautiful. I didn't even notice that when I was outside. Nope! That's another thing about Final Cut: there's the down, see the down arrow, and it converts to a sideways arrow. If you go to the sideways arrow, it actually breaks and pushes everything out, but if you go to the down arrow then it goes on top.

(31:54) See, that's nice, isn't it? Keeps things interesting. And that also has to apply to the rules of the jump-cut, where it starts right where the sound starts. Cute, Hank. There's also 'Outside Vlog.' This is another way to make a cut, I'm marking it in (?). Marking it out. And then this, I can use the-the insert. But I'm not actually going to put that in until I cut all of this together. So there's the end of my next clip, it's coming up pretty quick here so I'm not going to do that yet. 

(32:53) That's-what did I-did I miss anything in here? Yeah, that's just all me trying to figure out how to use props. Cause I was trying to frame the thing so that you couldn't see my hand, but you could still (?). 'Ha, awesome funny awesome funny hats.' That was a really long 'S' noise. I hadn't played the guitar in a while before I figured out what I was going to play. Yeah, so I was thinking about doing that doing that longer but the whole sort of shtick of this is to do it really fast. 

(34:07) I suck. Gonna actually make that-the sound go down on that so that it won't be a dramatic cut. Noo, not that one! No thanks, go back up! Back! Ugh, geez. Okay. No, come on. So annoying. So I'm going to pull the clip over that to there, and I don't want it to be an abrupt cutoff. So I faded it out using the fade tool and the P button if you're curious, to make the point, uh there. So...

(35:05) That was good, actually. I think that was pretty good. I mean it's amazing to me that like that basically the Fred Show was, was just the fact that you could speed things up slightly is like the-that was the only innovation of that show and it was huge! And, I mean, it was good in its-in its way, um, but yeah...

(35:49) So that's going to be really quick. Hopefully that will come across. Oh yes, there's-so I'm going to take this out, I'm actually gonna cut everything out. Um, cut it all, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. I usually don't actually cut everything until I'm done editing everything, but I don't know why I feel like it's too boring for you people who're watching. Probably because it is! See it's uh-this is a very beneficial time actually. 

(36:24) "The way that I imagine it is that I am on a-" Okay. "-so that I make sure that what I'm better. There's a lot of ways to keep things interesting. You could move around, put some video over your voice, you can use props." I'm actually going to put that in the first thing. So, see where this line is? Trying to make sure that I don't copy over anything. "Move around, go outside! Put some video over your voice." Nope. I did not like that. So...

(37:03) Now I'm...pretty sure I'm gonna have to do some work on that bit. "Move around. Put some video over your voice. You can use props. Awesome funny hats." So, lots of "s."
 Now I'm gonna pull this underneath. Let's see how this looks... And uh, that's up here under Modify, Change Speed. So, what would be faster? I always do it wrong. Faster would be like 150? And we do Modify, Change Spee-where are you? God, I always, I can never quite find it. And then that would be like 80%? (laughs) That's funny. Usually you see people slowing things down way more than that.

(38:27) Then I have to choose some filters. So we got some video filters. Glow is always fun. Give myself a Bloom. This is going to require rendering. Uhm, Dazzle. Yeah, dazzle it! That's totally dazzled. Light Rays...whooshh... Okay this is way too saturated. Uhm, I'm gonna pull this clip up into here so that I can actually check its filters. I'm not sure what all these things are doing, but I'm gonna turn some of them off to see what happens. Yeah that doesn't...ooohh, okay. If I turn this way up, what's gonna happen? Does n't seem like anything happened. A little but not much, though. Brightness... Uh, threshold...I don't know what any of that is. Ohh. Kay, that was a pretty good threshold. Spike Count. I'm increasing the amount of spikes. Uhm...kay, that was good for glow.

(39:42) Let's do desa-I kinda wanna desaturate. Where is the desaturate? There's desaturate highlights. Let's try desaturating the highlights. Oh. Okay, let's render that out and see how it looks. Render. Ohhh ma lord. That's slow. Okay...I'm just gonna render the first tiny bit of it., I don't like that. I don't like desaturate highlights. Uhm, let's see. Stylize...add noise...find edges... I'm gonna add some noise. Yeah! Now I wanna desaturate that but I don't know how to do it. I do it all the time. Saturate highs, desaturate lows...distort? My goodness. There's so many options. Uhm. I thought it was under color correction? Image control. It's under image control. Or course. Not all the way though. Hey, that looks weird. And that was the goal. For it to look weird. I think maybe a little less noise. That's good. 

(41:07) Uhm, obviously I'm going to need to render that eventually, but still uh, there's gonna be plenty of time left in this video. This is the voice for Hank's sock. I did not do the voice because I was too down, I was down too low for the mic to pick it up well I thought, probably. So, let's get Hank's sock. So there's Hank's sock. Putting him in.

(42:00) So...let's bring this audio track over here and bring this audio track so you can't hear it. Uhm, because having both of them wouldn't be good. So you heard how quite that was. That was a little late. That was good. Uhm...That's unnecessary and then I'm sure I probably refocused here. If I didn't then I suck. And then this part was all improv. I didn't write any of this down. Fo-Focus.

(42:58) How long have I been doing this for? 43 minutes. To edit two minutes of video. That is true. Uhm, some people just do interesting things and they don't think at all about uhm, the idea. Like, like MysteryGuitarMan's videos are just interesting; they're not trying to do anything, they're just interesting. Uhm, whereas I...that would be too hard for me so I have to have the idea making it interesting as well as the execution.

(44:23) So there's some silence for you. Uhm, that was a lot. It's like...15 frames of silence. It's a lot. Um, but what I'm going to do with it is I'm actually going to pull the audio of the next thing under it so that the silence seems to be extended by the fact that the frame hasn't cut, by the fact that I'm still looking at you and not saying anything. But there isn't silence anymore. You know, I'm probably gonna use like 4 frames into the silence uhm, to actually cut off the boringness of the silence.

(45:01) And I don't know if I'm going to do that, actually. I'm gonna try it. See how it works. Mhmm. So let's see how this goes. Disappear so I can pull this under. So you see, there was a little bit of a snap there where I lead it...lead it with the audio and then did the visual cut. Which makes the silence a little bit more powerful.

(46:26) So this is actually taking less time than I thought it would. It's true. It's bad. It really frustrates me. Instead you're doing this! We're doing the thing I'm doing right now! I'm doing that right now! That's so weird! Why did you turn away, Hank? Ugh, darn it. I didn't do it well that time, but then I went on and did it much worse. (laughs) And I decided I wanted to keep that one! Cause that was funny. Probably should take out the word seem, but that's the take I did and that's the one, that's the last one I did. So that's the one I keep.

(49:05) I'm always fascinated by people who really hate my style of vlogging. Uhm...and I'm just like "I cannot, I cannot do it any other way." It seems to be fairly effective. People enjoy it. Uhm, but like, sometimes people think like "Oh my god, this guy is way too over-the-top. Why are there so many jump cuts? Why is he talking like that? Uhm, and I don't know! Uh...some people really hate it. I remember early on like, I had a video get featured on Gizmodo or Engadget and it got ripped to pieces in the comments. People were like, just like tearing it apart. I hated it. Uhm, bit it' is what it is.

(49:56) To each, his own. And that is where I remembered I forgot something in the script. And so I'm going to be putting that...rearranging that. I forgot this is the part I forgot and I'm recording it and I'll be putting it in somewhere. This is a very important idea to me. 

(51:30) It's just cowardice. You know, like, everybody's afraid of stuff. Uhm, but that's what it comes down to and you know, I think sometimes about people I knew and high school who literally failed out because they were so afraid of failing that they figured they might as well just try to fail. And that way at least it wouldn't be their fault. And that's such a dangerous mentality to have get a hold of you. Uhm, so yeah, I didn't want to say this, and I maybe shouldn't have used the word "cowardice" because obviously we're all afraid of lots of things and uhm, that has a pretty gigantically negative connotation but...

(52:30) See I did it wrong twice. Despite the fact that it said "John, I will see you on Monday" in the script. So, oh! You can also see the little audio monitor up here. There's no uh, these lights have not turned on which mean I did not peak throughout the entire video which is because I have my mic set to sort of like exactly at what it needs to be set to uhm, for vlogging. Cause after some trial and error, you may, if you...when I got this new camera, if you watched those old videos there's some pretty bad audio on some of those because I was figuring it out.

(53:19) So now we are done! Uh, with the making of the cuts. Uhm, so now we just have to crispen the things up and see uh, rearrange some things uhm, so we're gonna do that now.

(53.33) So, lets start watching the beginning. [Plays video]

(54:03) Pulling everything over, which is something that I don't like to have to do but- [plays video]

(54:14) Uhm, I'm going to put a little note there: 'Important thing'. Uhm, text. Outline text. I use outline text, John uses just text, a lot of people use just text. I like outline text because it's easier to see. So, 'Important Thing'! I'm going to use the font I've been using recently, because I like it. So that looks good. And then you just drag it on down in there. Gotta get it in the right place. [plays video]

(54:53) Uhm...that seems a little too big, so lets make it smaller. Because I also want to put 'The Rule of Thirds' next to it. So 'Important Thing'. Uhm.

(55:19) So 'Important Thing'. And then blonk, then blonk, then blonk. I'm just making a copy of it and I'm putting it here. So now there's 2 things that say 'Important Thing', and now I'm going to move that one there and change it to say 'The Rule of Thirds'. Uhm. [plays video] Nope, that didn't work. Why didn't that work? [Laughs]

(55:49) [typing] 'Rule. Of. Thirds.'....please? Yes! Okay! [laughs] I don't know why that didn't work. [plays video]

(55:59) And then I'm gonna cut that out, don't need that anymore. Just visual interesting things to happen on the screen. [plays video]

(56:13) Then I looked away at the end of that, so I'm gonna get rid of that. [highlights objects on timeline] Problematic that's there's all this but I'm gonna do it anyway. Ah, too far. There we go. [Plays video]

(56:53) Moving this underneath a little bit. [Plays video]

(57:03) I actually think that that doesn't need overlap. [Plays video] [stops video] Actually no it does. It's all about how I feel. [plays video]

(57:26) Also when we started we were obsessed with Ze Frank and he is a really good vlogger, so. Which was nice; to have a good mentor. [Plays video]

(57:39) Hank on video: So, I knew how to talk to my brother...

Hank on commentary: So, in this one the long 'S' sound is actually the beginning and not the end so I'm pulling that underneath. Uhm, so, you hear the beginning of the 'S', but... [Plays video]

(57:49) It's actually like, you subconsciously hear it. Uhm. Like when I listen to it I can't hear the 'S' but I know that I say 'So' and not 'Oh' [Plays video]

(58:26) Where's that bit where I talked about John? [jumps through video]

(58:31) Oh. Interesting. I thought maybe there was a clip I had to move there. [Plays video]

(58:40) Hank on video: Now moving on... 

Hank on commentary: So that's another transition so it's okay to have a tiny bit of silence. See that tiny bit of silence there for the transition? [Plays video]

(58:58) Maybe a tiny bit, a tiny bit. John doesn't do this, so. I just, have gotten obsessed with it. [Plays video]

(59:23) So here's another transition, so it's okay to have some space. [Plays video]

(59:52) So, now we begin the fun part. [Plays video] 

(1:00:11) That was actually a little loud! Interestingly, I'm not sure why but it was. I was just really close to the mic I guess. Uhm, so conk, conk. [Plays video]

(1:00:31) This is a transition, but there's no transition. So, hopefully that's not confusing for people. [Plays video and edits timeline]

(1:00:58) Oops. Sometimes I accidentally hit the 'End' button which turns off the snapping. The snapping is very useful. Uhm, so I move the play head around, so like--I haven't talked about this, about how I'm actually doing this, but like I find the middle and then I move it a couple of frames by hitting the button. So I'm moving this play head, which is this yellow thing. Uhm, and then I snap, I pull this--I've got both selected--and then I would, uh, move that to the middle. Then I pull it back 1 2 3, and then jerk that over a little bit, and try to get it to snap to the play head. So it's trying to snap to various things, but there you go it's snapped to the play head. [Plays video and edits timeline]

(1:01:53) Here it looks a little bit over-saturated. I probably should have done color correction on that, but I didn't. And I'm not going to because it's going to take too long. Uhm, and I don't know how to do it well because I've never learned. [Plays video]

(1:02:10) [sighs] Oh, 'S's [Plays video]

(1:02:35) So I'm gonna take out the bit where I say "There's not much time left in this video" Because there's obviously like a minute left of the video. But it's okay to have videos that aren't 4 minutes long. [Plays and edits video]

(1:02:47) And I know you're thinking like 'Hank, I can't believe you spent so much time on this! You spent over an hour just editing this video, not even including the writing and the'--but like, this is a very important part of what I do, and uhm, I'm very serious about making these good and uhm, you know lots of people watch them so--the amount of time that spend on them is far, far smaller than the amount of time that people spend watching them. So, i never feel bad about spending time doing this. [Plays and edits video]

(1:03:33) Oh, I forgot. Where should I put that last rule? [Plays video]

(1:03:51) So maybe I should put it there! Nope, get everything, just grab everything [Highlights objects on timeline] Pull it out. Uhm, so...

(1:04:03) So that probably goes here. [Plays and edits video]

(1:04:25) I'm moving this, so it's easier to combine these 2 things. Then you can pull this in without things overlapping. [Plays video] Noo it's too much! [Plays and edits video]

(1:05:50) I didn't actually like that take. I've got others, so. [Goes through different 'John I'll see you on Monday' clips]

(1:06:13) I like this one. This one seems clusive, and like it's own thing, and not like it was trying to tie-in with this. And I'm not gonna do a full endscreen on this. I'm just gonna do some text.

(1:06:28) [Typing] 'Watch me edit this video'
That's what you're doing now!
'Click here'
And then: Fux. It's the name of the font, it's not a bad word!

(1:06:55) And it's done! Oh my god we did it! Can you believe it? It's only been an hour and 7 minutes! Oh, well it doesn't usually take me that long but I was talking to you guys a lot, but I hope you don't-I mean you will have had to have carved out a lot of time to watch this if you did. So, I'm impressed if you did, If you didn't, that's fine too. But you're obviously not hearing this unless you skipped to the end, and that is also fine. So thank you, I hope that this was educational for those of you who want to make good vlogs. If you don't use Final Cut, that is fine. I'll put a link to it, if you want to buy it from Amazon in the description. And if you do, I will probably make some money off of the affiliate sales, so that's nice.

(1:07:40) But if you don't use Mac, there's still lots of good editing software, Sony Vegas is great. And if you don't-and if you do have a Mac, you should probably just use Final Cut, cause it's the best Mac editing software. Unless you don't want to pay for it, then you should just use iMovie. And-it actually-let me suggest to you, for people who don't want to pay for editing software, do not use the current version of iMovie, use iMovie HD, which is much, much, much better for like, actually, if you want to make a video, instead of making-like making a video your way, instead of making a video Apple's way. Because they're like, oh, you can just-it's so much fun, like it's-I mean it's for making home movies, it's not for making content that people will enjoy watching unless they are related to you.

(1:08:28) So, yeah, iMovie HD, it's the old version of iMovie that John and I used when we started this process. And you won't be able to-iMovie HD doesn't have multiple tracks, so you won't be able to like move the video over the other video, or do transparency. or stuff like that. But, I think it has multiple audio tracks-yes, yeah it does. So that's good. I don't use music in my videos, but a lot of people do, and do it to great effect.

I don't really know how, I would like to have a tutorial, someone teach me how to do that.  But yeah, so iMovie HD is going to be great, it's not, you know, it has limitations that Final Cut doesn't have, but it's free, so get that if you don't want to pay money.  And that is all.  Thank you for watching me play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0.  That's just how I feel right now.  You will not see me and I will not see you next time when you watch me play another video.  Actually, I'm going to put a link to QWOP, my QWOP video, as well.  So let's, let's do that.  This is actually just transparent over black, it doesn't have the black background built in.  I clicked on that, dude.  I'm going to make a link to QWOP here.  Watch me play QWOP.  For people who don't care, watch me play QWOP here and I'm going to move this down here.  I'm going to take out those 'Click here's' because that's dumb, I don't like those.  And I'm also going to make it bigger by doing this.  Watch me edit this video!  And then for people who don't care, watch me play QWOP.  Okay!  That is it!  I'm totally done now!  I'm probably still gonna watch it again and make some very small changes, but that's--that's it, obviously long, long, long video, maybe I'll edit it down some but um, yeah.  Goodbye.