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Thanks for a wonderful Project for Awesome everyone! Sorry this took so long. Thanks to Nicole Sweeney for editing

H: Hello!  In previous years, after the Project for Awesome, we have made a recap video which takes a bunch of different wonderful moments from the Project for Awesome and puts 'em all together so that we can remember all the great times that we had.  

But we haven't done that this year and if you're wondering why, you guessed it, technical difficulties!  We had a new streaming software provider this year and it went fantastically, thank you so much to Stage Ten, but we clicked a couple of buttons wrong and a large portion of the Project for Awesome did not get saved to YouTube.  So we still have some of it, gonna do a little recap video right now, but the rest of it we will just have to treasure forever in our hearts.  Recap begin.

J: Hellooooooo and welcome to the 2017 Project for Awesome.  

H: (?~0:41) asked if we could have a stretch goal and if we hit a certain amount, could Hank put on more hats?

We did it!  

J: It just happened, it just happened.  

H: We did.  Thank you so mu--oh yeah, John.  Do you wanna know a secret?

J: Uh-huh.

H: I've been wearing a third hat the whole time.

J: Ohhh, no way, oh my god, it's the best reveal ever!  

H: Hahaha!

J: It was a third hat the whole time.  

H: It seems so silly but then as soon as I started to do the reveal, I realized that it maybe was one of the best moments in Project for Awesome history.


M: You have a life-size version of yourself in your office?

J: Oh yeah.  Here, take a gander.  There he is.

M: I need one of them.

J: Oh, yeah, I recommend it.  I mean, do you mean one of yourself?

M: No, I need one of you like that.  I will say this--if anyone gives $10,000, I will fly to Indianapolis, I will break into your office, and I will steal that.  

We don't have much time.  We've got to get that cutout of John, because you know why?  He's mad with power.  He has a picture of himself in front of himself.


P: That's like the entire chat, they're like, yay, this is fun.  Fix your hoodie.  Fix your hoodie.  Oh my God, why are you doing that?  No.  Now it's messing with me.  


H: You wanna say hello to the Project for Awesome livestream?  Hello!  It's you in the computer.  Hi!

Play the Imperial March or something!

(play Imperial March on kazoos)


R: Oh!  $600,000!  Yes!  Ahh, I'm stuck, I'm stuck.  This is a disaster.  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, had a very shiny nose.  And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows.


J: I think--we did it!  We just passed $700,000!

H: I'm refreshing right now.  

J: In the IndieGoGo!

H: Yes!

J: Here's thanks to my brother who makes all of this possible every year and everybody who works with us who work so hard on this each year.  It was really a special year, we are very grateful and I think Hank and I are gonna say goodbye now, and as they say in our hometown, Hank--

H: Don't forget to be awesome.


Again, thank you so much to everybody who participated in this year's Project for Awesome.  Everybody who voted, commented, made videos, joined us on the livestream.  Thanks to everybody who made perks, all the staff at Complexly and DFTBA and VidCon for hanging out and making this thing work.  Nicole Sweeney for editing together the recap, Stage Ten for our streaming software, YouTube for always being a huge supporter of the Project for Awesome, all of our artists and designers and volunteers who are helping create things and get them made and shipped out to all--everybody who said that they wanted them.  All of our special guests on the livestream who entertained us and also created perks that we could sell at the IndieGoGo.  Thanks to Dale of the Dale and Glen of the Glen and Save the Children and Last Mile Health and thank you to Merry, Janel Christensen, Ben from Belgium, Camille, dftbJames, Mike Tsiang and the Lasties, Emily Bojko, Michelle Janicki, DFTBA Belgian and Dutch Nerdfighters.  Seriously, this year was amazing and so much fun and the Project for Awesome just continues to be one of the best parts of my year and continues to give me hope that we can continue to make this world a better place.  Thank you everyone.