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But I do, want to talk about all the things that happened today. Because some of them are important, first of all, it, right now is the last time when, if you are a wizard school backer, and you haven't got all your perks yet, that you can go update your address. There has been an email sent to you by backerkit you're gonna search backerkit and find it in your email. And if you need to update your address, please do that because we don't want to send a bunch of stuff to the wrong places. You can also, for the next 24 hours, get a refund, if you want one of those. We've been offering refunds for the last six months or so, but like this is the last time you can do it because we're actually gonna be sending stuff out of the warehouse, which is very exciting.
I'm sorry that it's taken so long. you can find information, on that at the Kickstarter for wizard school.
And also podcon has announced it's not happening again, so that was a big down. I mean obviously. I've known that that's happening for more than, more than, just today but we've been working on it and trying to figure it out, and that's where we're at and it's a bummer. Love PodCon so much and thank you to everybody who came to PodCon. Supported the event whether you're a creator or a fan, or some you, both of those things at the same time, all the bar sponsors, and exhibitors it was a really wonderful thing. and like it, we just, there were things we didn't want to compromise on that makes it make it really expensive for us. so that it just never became a thing that, a sustainable thing. 
and so yeah so that I had this very big fun exciting meeting this morning, and then like wizard school is always like a bit of a knife, um, but like it's really great that it's finally happening, and then podcon news, and then sudden doctor's appointments, that I knew I was gonna have to go to, but I thought I was at a different time, and I'm just running out the door. so I'm not making a video it's been a roller coaster of a day. Got stabbed with three different needles! It's fine. I take a drug that makes me immunocompromised so they want to vaccinate me for absolutely everything they can. I get vaccinated for stuff that you don't get vaccinated for until you're like 65. That's me cause it would be extra bad if I got pneumonia. So... I don't even know they had a pneumonia vaccine. But they're like, "you should have the pneumonia vaccine." and I was like, "Okay, give me the pneumonia vaccine." And OW, I don't know if it was, pneumonia or the Hep B that hurt, but like one of them HURT, the other one was like nothing.
That's the thing, like the more you get needle pokes, the more you realize they're not all created equal. Like the flu shot basically doesn't exist as a shot, like I don't even know it happened, and then you know you get a big. You get a big honker that has, a you know, full like a three-milliliter shot, is less fun. And then the guy who took my blood, the phlebotomist, was a fan, is getting his medical lab degree, and watches a lot of crash course because of that, so that was fun too.
it's a day, man, it's been a day, and also I got the first rough cut of a show that we're working on that I'm so excited about, but I can't lift this arm all the way up.