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So I figured out what William Darcy is good for. Also see what happens when Bing Lee plans a wine tasting event while trying to cram us all into one car.

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Lizzie: Yes! We're STILL at Netherfield. No, I don't believe it either. 

Jane's on the mend and everyone here is getting along great! Oh my god, Charlotte, I'm going nuts. Bing hates conflict even more than Jane does. When the two of them are together it's like an "agreeable off". 

They're so pleasant! I want to put my eye out with a spork!

I thought Caroline was in my corner on this one, but she just smiles along with everyone else. I thought she'd be more confrontational. But, there is at least one person I can count on to not be happy about everything. 

My name is Lizzie Bennet, and I've figured out what William Darcy is good for. 

(Intro plays)

Lizzie: Don't get me wrong, Darcy's still unpleasant, disagreeable, and full of himself, but at least he's not afraid to have an opinion. It's usually a very disagreeable opinion, but it's nice to have something you can depend on. 

The man finds a way to criticize everything and everyone. 

(knock on door)

Caroline: Are you talking about Darcy?

Lizzie: Who else? 

Caroline: Can I help?

Lizzie: Sure! Come on down!

​Caroline: Oh, as long as I don't have to put on a silly hat. I'm having a stellar hair day. 

Lizzie: Hat free, I promise.

​Caroline: Great! Let's go. 

You're so dedicated to your business, I can't seem to focus when I'm out of the office. 

Lizzie: (impersonating Darcy) Good thing you don't have my job then.

​Caroline: Are you writing an e-mail to Gigi? Did you tell her I love her new twitter? It's so cute what she did with the background.

Lizzie: (impersonating Darcy) I'll tell her to call you. I'm sure I couldn't do your enthusiasm justice. 

​Caroline: (impersonating Bing) Darcy, put the laptop away, no one else is working, it's weird, man.

Lizzie: (impersonating Darcy) That is why I was working in my room. Until you insisted I come down here. The only strange thing is that you thought it wouldn't be weird. 

​Caroline: (impersonating Bing) I thought you could use a break.

Lizzie: (impersonating Darcy) You thought wrong. 

Lizzie: Those are actual conversations. I'm not exaggerating. Help me out here, Caroline. 

​Caroline: This is so a hat. 

Lizzie: Not technically. 

​Caroline: You realize doctors don't even wear these anymore, right?  

Lizzie: Why is Darcy so rude to your brother? I thought they were best friends?

​Caroline: As though William Darcy would soften his opinion for a trifling thing like friendship.

Lizzie: This is not a man with a lot of friends, is it?

Caroline: Not so much. 

(knocking on door)

Bing: (off-screen) Hey, Lizzie! Oh, hi, Caroline. You guys, uh, recording another video message to Charlotte? 

(on screen) Hey, Charlotte.

Caroline: Exactly. Who says letter writing is a lost art? Not Lizzie Bennet.

Lizzie: If you're looking for Jane, she's not here.  

Bing: I know! She's waiting down in the town car with Darcy. Wine tasting, scenic drive, does this ring any bells? Sorry, Charlotte, these two are going to have to sign off. 

Lizzie: Uh no, I remember, but I already told Jane that I'm not-- 
Caroline: Wait, town car? Bing, we're taking Darcy's rental.

Bing: When Jane was too sick to go. 5 people, 1 convertible... are you volunteering to ride in the trunk?

Caroline: You can't put the top down in the town car. 

Bing: But, we can still have fun with friends! 

Lizzie: Uh no, I already told Jane that I'm not going to go.

Bing: But we're going to take the town car, it's okay, Darcy said that-- 
Caroline: Bing, she said that she'd rather stay. You can at least do her the courtesy of believing her. 

Bing: Well, if you're sure. 

Lizzie: You know what they say, four's company. Five's... just awkward. 

Bing: I thought they say the more the merrier!

​Caroline: Bye, Lizzie!

Lizzie: Have fun! 

​What was that last minute everyone goes together in the town car thing all about? 

Is Darcy afraid he won't have anything to do without me around to criticize? 

Jane says I'm imagining things, but I swear every time I'm in a room with that man, he stares at me, constantly! It's like I'm a traffic accident and he just can't look away. At least I can count on that. 

William Darcy, good for something.