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In which Hank plays The Sims 3, not the most recent Sims game, put probably the best one. Today, we build the, we build their homes.

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Game I Played: Sims 3
Hello and welcome back to Games With Hank. I am Hank, this is games with me, and as we are returning from our embarrassing months-long hiatus, I wanted to start out with a brand new series here on Games With Hank. We'll get back to all the things we were in the middle of a little later.

But before we start any of that, I wanted to start a new game. A game that I have played only a very little bit of. We are going to be playing The Sims 3. Now I know what you're thinking, "Why aren't you playing Sims 4, Hank?" Well, because it's more expensive and I've heard it's not that significantly better. Also it's available on Steam. If you have to get it on CD-ROM, I don't have one of those, and if you have to get it on the EA Store, I do not want to interact with that. It's complicated.

And look at all these beautiful homes you can have! You can grow old with your, with your family and have a caveman house with a little cave baby, maybe? I don't know what that was about. Got to go to the gym, get muscly or tiny. Oh, he's so sad. Yeah, so the pink limousines, whatever you want to have happen in your life you can have happen with The Sims.

Alright, I'm tired of this. Let's load up the game. Oh! A loading screen! "Ascending Maslow's Hierarchy." Well, it is a Maxis game, after all, so this is how it has to go. They say things like "Expanding Horizons" instead of what the game is actually loading at the moment.

We are going to be creating a new game; we're going to start from scratch here; we're headed into -- I think it's called Sunset Valley? -- it's a lovely place on the beach, it's got everything you need... 

This episode is going to be entirely -- I think, probably -- creating of the Sims. And the next episode we might build a house, and then the episode after that we'll actually start playing the game. Because everyone knows that the most interesting part of playing the Sims anyway is building your Sims and then building your house.
A young adult lady, uh, in a tracksuit, she can have different sizes -- hey! -- Aha, aha. And she can have different musculatures, different muscle tone, I don't know what the difference is between the amount of muscle size and muscle tone, everything else is just -- and then of course you can adjust booby size, to the beat of the music. 

(Music plays)

 I'm going to go with the guy, though, let's see. Avadosh! Ah, Jimmy, uh, Jimmy Car-ter. This is Jimmy Carter. Meet Jimmy Carter, he is like 90 years old so let's go ahead and make him an old man. Oh good. So-so, Jimmy Carter! Alright, so Jimmy Carter, obviously, is going to be our first Sim. This is -- this is not really a Jimmy Carter outfit, but, I feel like Jimmy Carter's probably got some muscle definition. Apparently, though, if you're an old person, you don't get to have the option of having big muscles. But he's like super-tiny, though, if I remember correctly, I, I feel like Jimmy Carter's super tiny. This looks like Jimmy Carter to me! Uh... let's... I guess we can, uh, adjust his hair. That actually looks probably the most like Jimmy Carter's hair we're going to find. 

I mean, I guess we could give him emo hair. (Laughs) He's turning over a new leaf! Jimmy Carter's got a -- (laughs).

He's gonna have a soul-patch... yeah, Jimmy Carter's gonna have a soul-patch. Oh no. No. What have I done? Aaaaah... yeah... you look great! You're in great shape, Jimmy!

OK, I think that this is an appropriate amount of body hair for Jimmy Carter. Uaaahhahhhhahhh I didn't like it.

Are there like golf shirts? I fee like he'd wear a golf shirt. Or one of these! Look at that! Yeah, that's what Jimmy Carter would wear!
There's also formal wear, which would probably be more of a suit. This -- this looks like something. No, no, not really. Not really. Ah ha! Not what I was expecting. I think he's more of a black tie kind of guy. He's Jimmy Carter. Come on.

And then sleepwear... that looks -- that looks right to me, and -- oh, that's so -- you look -- oh my GOD! Maybe not so much muscle definition! You got like 0% body fat, Jimmy Carter! And then personality. We have to define some of Jimmy Carter's personality traits.

He's a little absent-minded, yeah, I mean I think he was remembered as being sort of indecisive... no... I'm not going to say he was ambitious, he was remembered I think for being more of a better person than a better -- than a good president, so let's try and -- let's try and create that. Charismatic, though, definitely, I mean you can't be the president without being charismatic. So su, baso! Flirty... friendly... good, good. He's definitely good. Uum... good sense of humor... oh, yeah! Insane... kleptomaniac... well, I don't know, maybe. Maybe Jimmy Carter's a kleptomaniac! You never know. He loves the outdoors! Everybody knows, Jimmy Carter was a super-environmental guy. He loves the outdoors... he's absent-minded, charismatic, good, kleptomaniac who loves the outdoors. Seems right to me. And, uh, oh! Oh! International super spy... leader of the free world! That's not a lifetime wish, Jimmy Carter! You already got to do that! ... for four years before you got... got defeated by president Reagan, uh, because you weren't actually that good at being president. And people didn't like you very much. 

Sorry about that, Jimmy Carter. Super-popular, and... become an astronaut? Maybe a little old for that? Let's add one more, uh, lifetime wish here. Wait. Creature -- become a creature-robot cross breederer? Yes! Yes! That is clearly a secret desire of Jimmy Carter, that he was never able to share and, and, fulfill.

Oh, can we have another S? I feel like... I feel like we're done with Jimmy Carter. And we can have another S.

Creating another S. To live in the house with Jimmy Carter. I don't know; I don't actually know what Jimmy Carter's wife's name is. No... here's what's going to happen. It's going to be ex-pre -- Democratic ex-presidents in this house. Only. Alright. Yeah. Bill Clint -- only. Maybe he's not an elder. I feel kind of bad about making Bill Clinton an elder, let's make him an adult, with just, we're just gonna give him gray hair.

And, like that? That's sort of Bill-Clinton-y. That... I think that works for me. There's really not a lot of hair styles to choose from, I'm kind of surprised. I bet there's a lot more hair styles to choose from in Sims 4.

Adjusting muscle size... yeah, yeah, uuooeee, yeah, that's pretty -- I think he's whiter than that, he's a super white dude. I have no idea what color eyes Bill Clinton has... that's just not, not information I have in my body. 

Uh, yeah, that's going to be close enough for me. i have to say, I don't care that much. Did Bill Clinton wear makeup? No. As far as I can remember, he does not have eyeshadow. Let's get rid of this beauty mark... age detail, now you can look a little older, because you are, you know, you're Bill Clinton, you're a little older.

I don't you think that kind of nose. No! My goodness, alright, let's go to sort of a vague... yeah, sure. Like that. What's this? Oh! Oh, my! Whoa, Bill! Yeah! Whoo! Never mind!

What kind of tattoo does Bill Clinton have? I can barely see that. Can I do it on the lower back? Come on! That -- that's tiny, make it bigger! Advanced mode. Scale. Yeah! Bill Clinton's lower back tattoo. Excellent! Whoo!

OK, he's got -- everybody -- nobody knows about that, he's always -- doesn't -- you know, don't see a lot of Shirtless Bill Clinton these days, so nobody knows about thifrickingng amazing physique and nobody knows about his -- his little tribal, there.

Uh, what does Bill Clinton wear every day? A suit. Of course.
OK! Yeah, alright. Yeah, yeah, it looks like Bill Clinton! He'd wear that! Maybe a red tie, though. No, I like the -- I like the blue. OK. So now, uh, we've got Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and they're going to move into a house together, if you want to see that, you want to see the antics that these crazy ex-presidents are gonna get up to, in, in Sunset Valley S-topia, you're gonna have to watch the next episode of Games with Hank where I play Sims, and you can do that by subscribing. Which is probably a good idea. At OK. DFTBA.