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John: Are you trying to be as tall as me?

Sarah: I am as tall as you!

John: *laughs* No, you are clearly not, you are cheating!

Florian: Hi, I'm Florian.

Jim: And I'm Jim.

Toyin: I'm Toyin Odutola.

David: I'm David Brooks.

Deb: I'm Deb Sokolow.

Kate: I'm Kate Gilmore.

Doug: And this is our Art Assignment.

Kate: Your assignment is...

Doug: Find someone, draw a line between the two of you...

David: articulate something...

Toyin: that is indispensable to you...

Kate: and when it looks cool, you're done.

Sarah: I think this assignment is super interesting. It asks you to think about what's gonna happen in the scope of your life, and kind of acknowledge that you're only here for a short time, and what, in the short time, are you likely to see and not see.

John: And like why, why is that art?

Sarah: Art doesn't have to be an object or material. It can be something like Roy Ascott said, like "triggers for experiences" instead.

Jace: Almost like looking through... Suddenly you're wearing special glasses, and you can see these little details which you wouldn't otherwise.

John: It's really just a question of, "How are you going to use the resources at your disposal, use the particular life that you have to try to make the assignment happen.

Participant: Yesss, Successful art!

Florian: So the big question, how you can create new interaction, which call people to get out of the box.

Toyin: I find that I, I like kind of getting lost in the act of drawing. It's like a form of prayer, in a way?

Doug: Hey, Chris!

Chris: Hey Doug how’ve you been buddy?
Doug: How does it feel to be in the middle?
Chris: Good.
Doug: It’s good to see you.
Chris: You too.
Doug: Look at this…

Doug: It's about re-imagining, the way you understand, space.

Florian: Just doing something you'd never think to do.


Sarah: *laughs*