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Is it safe to eat raw eggs? Are all infant formulas the same? Do we REALLY need to wash our hands EVERY time? These questions answered and more, this week on Healthcare Triage LIVE.

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00:08 - WE'RE LIVE!

01:25 - Are all infant formulas the same? Are the more expensive brands better or more nutritious than the store brands?

02:55 - What do you think on caloric restriction diets in humans. A paper was just released on a Low Protein High Carbohydrate diet the same benefits with less side effects. Are mice a good analog for humans? (Go watch our diet episode!)

05:09 - Does a higher protein diet increase the risk of kidney disease or damage? By "higher protein", I mean for a 160-180lb male, 120-180g of protein.

06:39 - Any Truth to: " high dose Vit C (over 1000mg) could cause miscarriage in early pregnancy (4-8 weeks)" (Go watch our episode on vitamins!)

08:14 - My brother rarely washes his hands after he uses the bathroom. It really grosses me out, but also makes me wonder - do we REALLY need to wash our hands EVERY time? Should I not worry about his habits? (Watch the entire month on parasites!)

09:44 - If I am aware of the placebo effect, does it still work? Example - If I take a drug thinking that it won't cure my headache because it only works as a placebo, will the drug be less effective?

10:49 - Is it safe to eat raw eggs? I've read that contrary to popular belief the risk of salmonella is actually really low nowadays. But is it low enough that it would be safe to eat regularly?

12:29 - do the potential benefits of coffee consumption apply to instant coffee consumption as well? (Check out our coffee episode for all of coffee's wonderful benefits)

14:24 - Some sources claim that sleeping on one's back provides more beneficial sleep, helps with waking up effectively, etc. Is there any good research on the health benefits of different sleeping positions?

15:44 - Is there any good evidence for massage therapy? Aside from it feeling nice. I'm considering it as a career option, but I'd have a hard time dedicating myself to something that isn't evidenced based.

17:04 - Is tonsillectomy an effective treatment for recurring tonsillitis?

18:19 - is there any research on the best way to clean minor cuts and scrapes such alcohol, peroxide, and betadin?

20:36 - Any research on teflon pans and their safety? Are there hazards when they are scratched?

21:26 - I eat a lot of peanut butter. About 2 kg/month. Is this amount of fat and peanuts bad for me? I'm a 29 year old male who is 180 cm and 89 kg

23:06 - As a pediatrician what are your views on sleep training babies? There is a ton of discussion about the proper age and technique. Any research behind the subject? Thanks.

24:31 - What does continuing education look like for healthcare providers?

25:31 - You should tell us about any health benefits of shaving vs. beard?

26:38 - Our day care has considered putting hand sanitizer outside of each classroom for parents to use before coming in. Have those been shown to impact disease transmission in practical applications?

28:23 - What advances are needed before you consider sequencing a patient's genome to be useful for primary care (if you don't think it useful already)?

29:37 - Byyyyyyye
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