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Sooo...I was on my laptop and realized I had all of this unreleased Ping Pong footage. So, more HankGames IRL for you, this is just one of four more episodes in the series of five that we have to share.
J: Hello and welcome to Hank Games with Hank. My name is John Green and, um, I am the greatest ping pong player who ever lived in this basement.

H: P

J: I

H: N

J: G - go; Oh, nice shot, but was it as nice as my shot? No.

H: No.

J: Um -

H: You probably aren't the greatest ping pong player that's ever lived in this basement. This is a rental house, so...

J: That's true.

H: many people have been to. 

J: I am maybe the greatest ping pong player currently in this basement.

H: That's almost certainly true considering all of the- How many games?

J: Oh no! 

H: Maybe you were too busying thinking about something else(?)

J: I was busy thinking about my own greatness and suddenly it's 0 - 3. Oh...

H: Yeah, hit you in the nuts there.

J: Yeah, so it's kind of a win but kinda a loss. 1 - 3

H: What the heck shot was that? 

J: Well, you know...

H:Do you have to get it on my side, like in tennis? Because you didn't.

J: No, no no no you don't have to keep it on- there's no tennis. What're- ping pong. 2 -3... Oh, nice shot Hank.

H: Okay.

J: 4 - 2, 4 - 2.

J: Oh. OH! Ahh...

H: Yes! 2 - 5

J: You're never ready for that one.

H: *sighs*

J: Alright. 2 - 6, uh,  3 - 5. Well 5 - 3 actually.  Yep. Ugh. It's humiliating and it's captured on camera.

H: *laughs*

J: All right, 6 - 3.

J: Oh! 

H: *Laughs* Oh he tried to catch it! *Laughs*

J: No, that's why I- Alright. 3 - 7.

H: Woah! Hot my (?)

J: (?) 7 - 3 Uhh... what is happening?! 8 - 3. Noo...

H: Wow,  9 - 3. 

J: 9 - 3... *laughs at his own failure*

H: *laughs* 10 - 3

J: 10 - 3

H: I don't know what's happening. Oh... 

J: Alright, here we go. 10 - 4

H: Hi baby

J: Hi, we're on hankgames. 10 - 4... 10 - 4 breaker, breaker. Or 4 - 10, I guess technically. 

H: Ohh! Come on! 

J: Just wait for Hank to make a mistake

H: I got to go with the forehand

J: Here you go,it's uh- you're up by 5. It's 10 - 5. Oh! Don't send it to my forehand please. 

H: *laughs*

J: 11 - 5. This is going to be a tough one. 

H: Ahh! 

J: Alright, 11 -6 here we go, here we go, here we go! 

H: *disgruntled gibberish*

J: You, heh, you way over corrected because you think I'm going to hit a shot that like, like here and bounces here and you're going to be ready to get that one. But you were not ready for the shot that just goes that way. It just goes straight. You're not ready for the straight shot... Oh!

H: Why, John, why? 

J: Because the last time I tried to catch it and it bounced

H: *laughs* What is the score? 

J: 8 - 12 maybe? No. *sighs*

H: It was- I think the difference was... 4

J: It was 10 - 5 going into this and then it was 10 - 6 and then 11 - 6... I don't know. 11 - 7, they're all like finding it- funny to watch

H: Yeah, I know...

J: And we've been, yeah...

H: I think- 12 - 8 sounds good to me. 

J: Alright, 12 - 8 my serve. Okay, 8 - 12. Oh for the love of God! 

H: That would have been- it almost went over. 

J: 8 - 13 OH!

H: What?! What?!

J: OH, OH, OH, Ohh! One of the greatest shots of all time! 

H: *laughs*

J: I deserve to win after that. 

H: *laughs* That was beautiful.

J: What is it? 9 - 13? 

H: Do you wanna? If you didn't catch that 'cause you can't see the table it hit the side in one of those not full bounces and it went down and he got it

J: I got it! I wanted it! 

H: At the end of the table and everything. So, that's uh... 9 - 12

J: 9 - 13 I thought

H: 9 - 13

J: Because you served the first one, yeah. But god bless you for trying to take points away from yourself. 

H: That was really close, John. Very close

J: 9 - 14 

H: But I did the thing where I back up from the table to see what's going to happen unlike you.

J: I don't do that! I always just stay right here- 'cause then I'm going to be on screen at least. 9 - 14... oh! You're not ready! You're not ready for that one. 10 - 14 

H: Yeah, that's too high. You almost

J: I tried, I tried to hit it, but I failed. So it's 15 - 10. No, 11 - 14, 14 - 11 

H: Way, way too hard and you still tried to hit it. 

J: 14 - 12... Well I was trying to hit it as soon as it was going to bounce. Bah! 14 - 12

H: That was an amazing

J: It was a great shot, great shot. Great shot, don't get me wrong. Ohh! 16 - 12... Come on! OH! Ahh... Good stuff, Hank, good stuff. As you can see I still have not forehand so I just go high! OH!

H:  *laughs* That was amazing! 

H & J: *laughing* 

H: I can't- I was convinced that was going to miss

J: Well it should've! Is it 17 - 12? 

H: Yeah! 

J: Alright, time to get serious. Ahh...

H: Why, John, why? It was off the table. 

J: No, no I never- ahh... if I were a better judge about it obviously I would be winning. 12 - 18?

H: Yeah 

J: I just gotta win all 5 points off of my serving all the time. There's 1, 13 - 18. There's 2, 14 - 18 

H: Ah, you jinxed me. 

J: Dangit! 

H: *laughs* 

J: 14 - 19...

H: If it hits my chest, that doesn't count! 

J: 14 - 19. Woo! Woohoo! Alright 14 - 20. 15 - 20, I only have to win 5 more. 

H: Ah... that wasn't- that wasn't it! That wasn't it. 

J: Good game, good game. Alright we have to play one more. 

H: We have to play one more? 

J: I wanna...

H: To see who, who is the winner of the winnest. 

J: Who is the winner? Yes. 

H: Alright, okay.

J: Now we both...

H: Thank you for watching! Goodbye

J: Goodbye!