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Fitz comes by and helps me with a Q&A video.

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Good morning everyone! It's time for another questions and answers video! And since there were a lot of questions, there will be... a lot of answers. yeah I am trying to keep these fresh. It's uh, not going so well. 
My name is Lizzie Bennett and... I know what I'll do.


Welcome back to questions and answers with Lizzie Bennett and Fitz... hey what's your last name?

Fitz: Uh-uh. I'm the one asking the questions.

Lizzie: Yeah I know but we can introduce you to the audience.

Fitz: No we can't. Let's get this show on the road. Question number one from aheartundercrossfire on Tumblr: Have you come up with a good name for these Q and A videos yet?

Lizzie: Seriously, that's the first question? Nope.

Fitz: From Divie S. on Facebook: Shark versus Lizzie Bennet with a sword. Who'd win?

Lizzie: Um... me? I hope?

(Fitz mouths: No, Sharks)

Fitz: From Annasig on Tumblr: Where did you get your favorite necklace? I love it.

Lizzie: Oh, thanks Annasig. It's from Anthropologie.

Fitz: From what?

Lizzie: It's a store. For lady clothes.

Fitz: From Avotica on Tumblr: Is there really a list of reasons as to why Lizzie Bennett is perpetually single?

Lizzie: I don't know. I have never seen it, but, uh... Ask Lydia?

Fitz: Okay. From Bobby S. on Facebook: If you were thrown into a vortex and woke up in the past, say, in Victorian England, how would you cope?

Lizzie: There wouldn't be any technology or cars, um, so I guess I'd be walking everywhere. I'd probably have a lot of muddy dresses.

Fitz: From tell-me-im-cool on Tumblr: My boyfriend doesn't believe in romance from novels, movies, nothing. What do I do? 
I'll tell you what you do.

Lizzie: Uh.. Well first of all, you are cool, tell-me-im-cool and don't let anyone tell you differently. And secondly, um... I kind of can't believe anyone doesn't believe in romance. I mean, g-gosh, I think deep in our hearts everyone has a desire to be loved.

Fitz: Next question! Is not a question... from Victoria S. on Facebook: She says, "Say hi to Brazil!"

Lizzie: Hi Brazil! Thanks for watching!

Fitz: Yeah! From lorn48162342 on YouTube: Are you an unreliable narrator?

Lizzie: No?

Fitz: You kind of took that a little personal. From Matty J on Facebook: What's something you like about your mom?

Lizzie: Oh. Well, um... Despite her eccentricities, she loves her family unapologetically.

Fitz: Okay. Our final question. From Kaitlyn G. on Facebook: Pirates or ninjas?

Lizzie: Uh is this who I identify with or who would win in a fight?

Fitz: Fight.

Lizzie: What do you think?

Fitz: Same time.

Lizzie: Okay.

Both: One, two, three--
Fitz: Ninjas!
Lizzie: Pirates!

Lizzie: What? Pirates have guns!
Fitz: What do you- no way! Ninjas can climb walls!

Lizzie: Jack Sparrow!
Fitz: Storm Shadow!

Lizzie: Okay you know what? We're gonna throw this one back at you. Leave a comment below saying who you think would win in a fight. A ninja... or a pirate! What did you-- I can see you, you know.

Fitz: What? You cannot - what are you talking about?

Lizzie: Yeah, peripheral vision.
Fitz: What did I do? What did I do? What did I do?

Lizzie: Somethin'.
Fitz: Nothin'.
Lizzie: Somthin'.
Fitz: Nothin'.
Lizzie: Somethin'.
Fitz: Nothin'.