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H: Good morning John!
K: Good morning John!
H: It's time to get ill. Is that not what they mean? Let me go get a knife.
K: You do?
H: To get these things open. I'm not thinking about it. 
K: Scissors, knife, whatever. This one I can open, just with my hand. 
H: Oh yeah. Red velvet Oreos. Is that where we're gonna start?
K: It's a bit of a scary situation there with the opening. It's like got--
H: These little guys.
K: Tendons.
H: Alright. Well, what is red velvet flavor anyways? 
K: I'm not sure. I think it's some sort of... berry?
H: I thought it was just chocolate with red dye. 
K: Oh.
H: Fact check! 
K: That's not what it smells like. Well, the cream cheese is definitely apparent, there's definitely cream cheese filling. Other than that it doesn't smell terrible. 
H: Why would you mess with Oreos?
K: I know, like, it's the perfect cookie, why? 
[Hank throws cookie at camera]
K: Oh, great. I'm looking forward to it. 
H: It tastes like you took an Oreo and then sprayed it with perfume.
K: I'm here for the cream cheese icing though.
H: Yeah, you're here for that?
K: It's good.
H: Okay.
K: I could eat these.
H: Well, alright then, you will. 
K: I probably will. Gotta make that baby bigger. Give him diabetes.
H: I'm gonna hurt myself.
K: Yeah, get that away from you. Especially away from me.
H: Okay.
K: My god. 
H: This is the Reese's with the leopard. Oh, they're just peanut butter cups. I mean, good, I know what's up with those.
K: These, I like. 

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K: I'm aware. I've had these before.
H: Positive review. 
K: Ooh, but I am wild about them. Good pun.
H: Yeah. I just literally hit myself with a knife. Come on! This leopard is attached!
K: Seems unnecessary. Nobody gets a free toy out of this. Nobody is ripping this off the box and running away with it. 
H: That's right. Well, now we've got one of those.
K: Resse's leopard, that's probably going in the background of Hank's videos I bet.
H: Good chance.
K: Mrrmp...mrrrmp....mrrmp Okay. We'll save those for later. I mean alright.
H: Give me one. Aww, that smells good.
K: Smells like metal.
H: Well mine smells like peanut butter. 
K: The wrapper? Oh yeah, there it is.
H: They really know what they're doing with these.
K: This is a good one. I like these because the proportions are good. The proportion of chocolate to peanut butter is good. Sometimes you get the eggs and those are too much peanut butter. That's a winner. Winner.
H: Are you gonna try and keep us clean over here? 
K: Yep.
H: Alright let's try this rose.
K: Ooh.
H: Milk chocolate rose, from Hot Stuff.
K: You know, well-known candy maker, Hot Stuff. 
H: It has a Dreamworks logo on it. Is Hot Stuff a Dreamworks program?
K: Is Hot Stuff a Dreamworks program? Distributed by Gallery.
H: Chocolate made in Belguim.
K: Packaged in China. Wow, this chocolate has been everywhere. 
H: It's been everywhere, very well-traveled.
K: This chocolate has been more places than me. 

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