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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a Primetime Emmy Award winning series based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
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Lizzie: Hi everyone! So you're probably wondering what happened after I left that voicemail in my last video. Well, I hadn't heard anything. Days passed, and then, last night, my doorbell rang. My name is Lizzie Bennet and guess who showed up on my doorstep in the rain last night?

Not who you were expecting, right?!

[intro plays]

Charlotte: Wow. Way to ask a leading question. And you know why I'm here.

Lizzie: It's our birthday.

Charlotte: And it's a pivotal year. Twenty-five!

Lizzie: Does being twenty-five mean that we will be frequently indulging in melodramatics like showing up at my doorstep in the rain?

Charlotte: It was drizzling, at best. Oh, and, by the by, small bone to pick: you had nintey-six episodes to think of a costume for me and you came up with pigtails and a book?

Lizzie: I was working with what I had.

Charlotte: A book?! And what was with the purple hat?

Lizzie: You have a purple hat! And you showed up with ice cream and a cheesy movie.

Charlotte: I was trying to be a supportive bestie. You needed the distraction.

Lizzie: I... I don't need distraction. 

Charlotte: Oh yeah? You wanna show the lovely people you're internet browser history?

Lizzie: ....No. Honestly, I don't need to be distracted! I'm spending as much time as possible with Lydia, and I have my final independent study to do.

Charlotte: Oh yeah, what company are you going to shadow?

Lizzie: My own, actually. Well, my own pretend company. Even though I'm using the Diaries as my thesis project, I'm writing up a prospectus and study as if the Diaries were the launch of a web production company using everything I've learned from my other shadowing experiences. So I'll be writing up what the objectives are, what they would be in the future . . . save the world, change the culture, all that. Actually, come to think of it, if the Diaries are about my life, this is kind of the final exam... of my life. 

Charlotte: So... no pressure or anything. 

Lizzie: None whatsoever! 

Charlotte: So have we, uh, beat around the bush enough for you?

Lizzie: C'mon, I really, I don't want to talk about it.

Charlotte: When has that ever mattered? You've talked about everyone else's dramas and heartaches on your videos; your sister's, your friends . . . We come here and practically make confession. What makes this time so different?

Lizzie: It's not, but---

Charlotte: Are you going to back out now? On this, your final exam?

Lizzie: Fine. Am I disappointed that I didn't hear from Darcy? Yes. But I don't know why I expected to hear from him, I have no reason to expect anything from him! It's not like he owes me anything, he's already done so much. And, uh, maybe he doesn't want anything to do with me.

Charlotte: It hasn't been that long. Maybe he's trying to figure out . . . proper wording. I mean, he does sometimes have trouble expressing himself. 

Lizzie: It doesn't take three days to return a phone call, even to just be polite. I'm getting the brush off. And that's fine . . . because he deserved more from me. 

Charlotte: More?

Lizzie: More... consideration. More understanding. Less "Judgy-McJudgment."

Charlotte: But you deserved more from him, too. And so much has happened since then anyway!

Lizzie: Not enough, I guess. 

Charlotte: I'm sorry. 

Lizzie: Now I saw your bag. What movie and food stuff did you bring over to distract me tonight?

Charlotte: Uh, something with lots of fancy and amazing costumes, and I ordered Chinese. 

Lizzie: Aww. Thanks for being here and helping me eat my feelings. 

Charlotte: Mhmm.

[the doorbell rings]

Charlotte: Oh, and I bet that's dinner! I went all out and sprang for some honey-walnut shrimp. 

Lizzie: Ooh, happy birthday to us!

Thank god for Charlotte. And for Lydia, and for Jane! Who is still really happy in New York with Bing. And that's great, that they're getting a second chance and are running with it. Second chances are... second chances are rare. I think I used all mine up.

Hey, do you need money for the tip?

Darcy: Excuse me, Lizzie.

[outro plays]