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In which Hank talks about how to get glasses for much cheaper than the general way...and asks youtube to help him pick his next pair.


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Good morning, John.

It's Sunday, July twenty-seventh. (intro) I'm at the mall, shopping for glasses, as you can probably tell. So yesterday I was tubing on the Clark Fork river and I lost my glasses. I gave them to the Clark Fork as a solemn offering of my appreciation of its beauty and awesomeness.

It didn't give them back, so now I'm here, looking for new glasses. That's why I've decided that I'm going to do two things at the glasses store. One: I'm going to request that the Nerdfighters help me pick out a new pair of glasses.

And none of the ones you've seen so far are in the ranking, so don't mention these. And two: I'm gonna do a little experiment on how to get glasses for cheap. And hopefully by the end of the process they'll all know how to get cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap glasses.

Because glasses are very expensive and I don't know if they're worth it because most of the time they're just like hunks of plastic. Generally you want to start out with just a little bit of browsing. Just browse.

Find whatcha like. Put 'em on, try 'em on. If you want to take pictures, you can send them to your mom or your boyfriend, or your girlfriend, or the Pope and make sure that they like them are are appreciative and will enjoy you in your new glasses.

And when you find something that you like, you want to write down the little serial number and all the numbers below the serial number, and the price as well, of course, to make sure that you're getting a better deal online than you would at the store. And then you say toodle-loo to the entire mall experience and you never ever, ever, ever ... uh, ever buy glasses at a brick and mortar store because the mark-up is like at least a hundred percent. So when they tell you 'twenty-five percent off' that generally means 'maybe we're gonna charge you a little bit less than twice as much as we paid for the glasses.' And, you know, it's a business, so they can do what they wanna do, but if we can get a better deal online, we should get a better deal online.

Then once you get home, take that serial number, type it in and find it on Amazon or dozens of other sites you can get them for hundreds of dollars cheaper. Now there's two ways to do this. You can buy your glasses entirely online.

You should only do that if you know a few things. First, you need to know the distance your pupils are apart. And second, you need a recent prescription.

If you don't have those things, then you need to go to the store and get them to make the lenses for you. The good news for me is that there's this really great place in downtown Missoula, it's like a family owned and operated store, and they'll make lenses for any frame really, really cheap. So what I'm gonna do is buy the frames online, and then go see my friend downtown and she'll make the lenses.

She'll also make any adjustments necessary to make the glasses fit my head and she'll do that totally for free. But, I am going to need your help figuring out which glasses to buy. ?? and I know that you guys like my old glasses and are probably going to be devastated that I had to get new ones, and I'm totally going to have to redraw the cartoon me to put the new glasses on it. So, John, and Nerdfighters, and anyone else who is watching this video right now, you are invited to vote on which glasses I should buy and wear for the next like five years of my life.

So, uh, don't screw it up for me. So, without further ado, here are your choices for Hank Green's glasses of the future. One.

Two. Three. Four.

Five. Six. Or Seven.

If you wanna see those again, I'm gonna show it after the little thingy comes up. And if you wanna watch the video over and over again, that's not gonna hurt our view count, so I welcome you to do that. So, quick!

Make your decision, leave it in the comments, and then I will see which one wins and I will order that one immediately. Pretty exciting. Now I'm gonna go superglue an old pair of glasses back together that had the wrong prescription in them so that I can have something in the mean time that will allow me to see just a little bit.

John, I will see you soon, but not as soon as many Michigan Nerdfighters will see you. Now, Michigan Nerdfighters, please bear with me as I get very close to my computer screen and read to you the location where John Green will be speaking tomorrow - Slash today, if it's Monday. I have to get really close to the screen to read it.

The Spring Lake District Library, two pm on Monday, July twenty-eighth. 123 East Exchange Street. Spring Lake, Michigan. One.

Two. Three. Four.

Five. Six. Or seven.

These gigantic glasses want you to subscribe!