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In which Craig sings you all a new Crash Course intro.

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Craig: (Singing) "Do do do do do! We're doing government and politics here on Crash Course! Oh yeah, ooh!" New theme song.


And that's why they are the focus of affirmative acumenaman... Perfect. I don't see what was wrong with it. I...
Stan: There was a little slurring at the end.

Craig: Lau versus Nichols established that school districts had to proviblblblblblblblblblblbl.

Depicted one particular Massachusetts district that looks like... (Laughs)
Stan: That's tough.
Craig: Massachusetts district.
Stan: Massachusetts district.

Craig: ...of people who share certain immutable chara... Curcuterteristics.

Later immigration quotas had the effect of discriminataytdaydayding. How does Adriene Hill do it?

In the Senate it doesn't actually work out because aresidentofasmallstatelikeDelawarehasthesamenumberofsenators2asarepresentativeofCalifornia. Meh!

From passing ordinance that prevent discrimination against LGBT people. (Laughs) I can't do it.
Stan: You're having a hard time.
Craig: LGBT people.
Stan: Yeah.
Craig: LGBT people, LGs. LGBT people.
Stan: Tongue twister.
Craig: LGBT people. It sounds weird now, no matter when I say it.

That prevent discrimination against LGBT people. (Laughs) I can't do it.

Lefty nonsense! You haven't even mentioned the second amendment, the one that gives us the real power to protect ourselves from government over-reach. I ran out of breath. (Laughs)

Greek word demokratia.

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

Or are just plain ignorant. I said ignorant weird.
Stan: You did
Craig: Let's do it again.
Stan: I usually pronounce it "ignant".
Craig: Ignant! OK. 

That's right, that's right.
Stan: That's right Zuzu. (Craig laughs) Attaboy, Clarence!
Craig: Attaboy, Clarence! Attaboy, Clarence! That's right. Attaboy, Clarence!
Stan: Daddy.
Craig: Attaboy.
Stan: Teacher says...  (Craig laughs)

Craig: I gotta figure out a way to get this eagle punch in here eventually.
Stan: Yeah.
Craig: It's getting down to the wire here.

The end popularity of ObamaCare suggests that an election win doesn't always translate into solid support for a candidate's policies!

For example, after the 2008 crinancial frisis.
Stan: The old crinancial frisis.

Craig: As often happens in states like California that feature ballot ign... ignition... ignitions.

From 21 to 18. In general, this is perfect, delivery.

...elections are under control of the states. State laws define how candidatesarenominatedandgetitontheballotandtheyinfluencetheoperationofpoliticalparties. Statelawsalsodetermineregistermernemenen.

Hi, I'm talking about... (Laughs). I'm talking about elections which get a lot of (Laughs) This third thing would be funny if I started every shot with "Hi".
Stan: Hi! (Both laugh)

Craig: Is the eagle in the shot? Nah, it's OK, we'll do it later.

Yeah, it's dumb.
Stan: I was gonna say fascinating.
Craig: Oh. Oh.

Remember most people prefer center-right to extreme-right ideas that's why they're extreme.
Stan: Extreme!

Craig: The answer depends on whether you're talking about people who, I ran out of words now, because I went too fast for the teleprompter. Let's go to the Thought Bubble.

Too fast? Publ... Too slow, maybe.

Which demonstrated that while one juror had only... it's going too fast! 

Sorry I got so angry.

Because the visual results are so strinking... Oh no, I did it again.

How 'bout you work for once?
Stan: I work very hard.
Craig: Oh, sorry.

But thankfully, political scientists have done exhaustive research to show us what we already...
Stan: That breath was in a little bit of a weird place.  

Craig: Sometimes these characteristics are more obvious than other times. And uniformed voters may rely on stereotypes...
Stan: Uninformed. Marching to the polls.

Craig: I'm an idiot. Ready?
Stan: No.
Craig: I'm an idiot, Stan.
Stan: Craig, that's not what I meant. 
(Motorbike noise)
Craig: They think I'm so much of an idiot that they stormed out on their motor...
Stan: I can't believe this!
Craig: "He's such an idiot! Vroom!"

Stan: I want to record it.
Craig: OK, you wanna record it?
Syan: I want to remember this.
Craig: OK, good idea. regulations on oil companies so that they can make more profit. Did I say that right?
Stan: Yeah.

Craig: Preference for a candidate though spending on that candidate does seem like a limitation on their political speech. This is bulls . To register your preference, you vote!

(Sings) "America, so can you can put your mind at ease."

Crash Course is made with the help with of all of these plurality of people. Thanks for watching. Eh, I didn't remember, couldn't remember which way.