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But I'm interested to hear dissenting opinions
I have watched YouTube rewind a single time and I'm making this video immediately cos that's how discourse works. We must have immediate opinions in the moment when the thing is news and if we do not then its, there's no relevancy. So have an opinion fast and have it now and if you want to spend some time thinking well get the fuck out that's not what this is about, that's not, its 2019 this is internet discourse. 

I liked it. I liked it. Its got like a fifty fifty like to dislike ratio right now I think a lot of people disliked the video before it even uh started playing. Its a meme to dislike YouTube rewind, my favourite kind of meme where you just dnt like things and that's part of your identity. So one of the reasons why people don't like YouTube rewind uh and one of the reasons I really do and I understand why it makes people, like, uncomfortable a little bit unhappy upset is when you watch when you have an idea of what something is and then you are confronted with the reality that that thing is different than you thought its uncomfortable. And YouTube is not what we imagine it to be. You know, you, you watch the thing you realise that like, this place is much bigger than we thing and no individual person is a huge part of it. 

There are lots of people out there who really like Mr Beast and there are lots of people out there who really like BTS and they both want that thing to be the subject of YouTube rewind and they both think that like this is the most important cultural thing and they're both wrong and so you have to put BTS and Mr Beast in the same video and then you end up with a thing that is celebratory of, get this, um, the diversity of things people like in culture rather than the thing you like, the thing that you, and the thing that you thought YouTube was. I loved especially the part where they went through the biggest channels in other countries. I got honestly a little bit choked up when it was like this was the first YouTube creator in Thailand with 10million subscribers. I was like 'I've never thought about that!' That there was no YouTuber in Thailand with 10m subscribers. I had no idea who that person was of course. And then there was the first YouTuber in Germany with 10m subscribers which is a good friend of mine. Like that's just, that's a wild thing, alright that's like, the guy who runs the company is a good friend of mine, I should say, Kurznerhfeua isn't done by one person. That was the part that hit me the hardest, that there are still these places where this is becoming an uh, like an increasingly culturally relevant thing.

And then like, it really did show like a lot of cool things that happened on the platform this year. The other thing I got from this video, is a little bit of a nod to reality which is that YouTube isn't a community. Like, YouTube isn't a community. Lots of YouTubers have communities on the YouTube platform but this idea that YouTube is a single definable thing. Like, a single definable cultural movement is, is, has not been true for many years and what YouTube is kind of saying here is "we're not trying to be that anymore we are a video hosting platform. here are the statistics of the cool things that people did here and that's not really us" and i like that. I, it seems like a nod towards the reality of of YouTube in 2019 headed into 2020. which is that this, its not so simple anymore. that you can pretend we were always pretending but we could we used to be able to actually pretend. This is a thing that everyone sort of imagines the same. its just not- its so far away from that that I, I think that eventually they had to get away from that old format of YouTube rewind and, and either do nothing or do something else. 

A couple of the comments I saw were basically like "YouTube is so weak, this is a weak move" and they say "they've not done the risky brave thing". and im just like what do you think that is? the brave thing to you is so different to the brave thing to me or the next person or the next person like like if you think what you are saying there is that there is a true YouTube and that all the other people have got true YouTube wrong. and that's like im sorry man, you have your true YouTube but that's not YouTube, it snot, its your thing the community you're a part of and YouTube is just like somewhat extracting itself from this idea that like YouTube the company the platform the brand is part of those communities and its saying no, we are, we enable those things, we are the foundation that they're built on we're the land that this stuff is built on, we're the buildings that that like these these communities inhabit. we are not the community itself. that's a little sad because like i used to imagine it differently, i used to imagine it like this town was the community but its not anymore. there has been over the years a lot of conversation about whether YouTube rewind should be silo'd in some way where whether it should be regionalised basically so you have a Europe rewind