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You have clicked on an event that has not yet been totally planned entirely yet, so I don't have the firm details. Firmness is nice but it's not something that I have right now. Don't read too much into that statement.

Um, the...basically what I wanted to say was that we are going to do something in all these places - these places being Portland, Phoenix, and Seattle. No matter what, it's gonna happen. I have good leads in all of these places, but if they don't pan out, we will - we will, like, rent a warehouse and have a Nerdfighter rave. Or more likely we will crash a park somewhere and have a Nerdfighter sit-in-the-grass-and-play-music-together, which is - which is like a Nerdfighter rave but you know, different. 

So, that's what - that's what I know right now. Um, it's not necessarily going to be like downtown Seattle or downtown Phoenix. The Phoenix event is probably going to be in Scottsdale -  which has been a really hard thing for me to say lately - Scottsdale, and uh, but I don't have the - the definite, uh, information yet. So I will keep you updated, y'all people, and I'm really excited to see all of you. Um, especially the people who are Nerdfighters and - and not flaming hate-trolls, so if you're a flaming hate-troll: less excited to see you.

Flaming hate-troll. Sounds like a good card for a Nerdfighter trading card game. Blaaaarrrgggghhh - angry squid of hatred.

Um, okay. But...that's all, that's all - I just wanted to tell you that I didn't know and it took me a really long time to say that, so. Thank you and I will see you in your respective cities, uh, even though I don't know where I'm going to see you yet. [whispers] Bye!