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When you're not signed in, your YouTube experience changes. What it least in my humble opinion.
(0:00) Hello. And welcome to Hank Green looks at YouTube, because I love to look at YouTube. And I think it's fascinating. What we are looking at here is a page that I never see, because I am always signed in. And this is the page that you see, and what the front page of when you are not signed in. Now that is interesting, because this thing that we see. Now I should note that usually there will be a juicy sandwich here, as an advertisement, but I've taken the juicy sandwich away so that we can see more of the juicy YouTube videos. Now, interesting, we, I, probably-if you're watching this video- you, as well, are uh what we would call a power user of YouTube. You have an account and are always signed into your account or at least one of your accounts you probably have several, I know I do. And, uh, and you are getting a YouTube that is tailored to your subscriptions and also to the videos that you have watched throughout your entire life. And, and, also what you have um, what you have uh,

(1:00) you know liked and commented on and etc. And so you know, if I apparently, well this is probably just for everybody, "The worst free throw ever" everybody. Awwwwwohhhhh that was bad. That was a bad free throw, I agree that was a pretty bad free throw and that's, that's the viral video of the moment and that's getting a huge about of screen real estate because it is this thing that's in the cultural zeitgeist that everybody wants to see the video that everybody else is seeing. Um, and yesterday or the day before that the Star Trek into Darkness trailer and today it's the worst free throw ever, which uh it's making me feel that the man of steel trailer is getting the shaft because uh, because of the WCU game right here. But interestingly this does seem to be tailored to someone at least, maybe not me. I uh, don't quite get who exactly it's tailored for because there's a bunch of stuff like Pink Floyd stuff. 

(2:00) Uh, which it's, I mean this is like 9 months ago Pink Floyd video  and look there's another one up here, Pink Floyd. And I haven't listened to a Pink Floyd song on YouTube ever. Like I don't, yeah I like Pink Floyd but you know that's just not something I've done recently, if ever. So I don't know why it's sending me Pink Floyd videos unless somebody has been sneaking into my house and watching YouTube videos, which would be... troubling, be way way far beyond to what it's doing to my YouTube cookies. But uh, I don't know, no idea I'm not signed in so it wasn't like John signed into my account and was looking at Pink Floyd videos. And this is my personal computer that's in my office. So I can't imagine anybody was looking at it. But, I... And apparently it also thinks that I watched a bunch of Asian pop music. I would tell you what country that is, but I can't tell by the characters of the script. There's an experience for people who interact with YouTube regularly. And then there's an experience for people who do not. 

(3:00) And this is the experience for people who do not. This is the experience for people who have not, are not signed into a YouTube account or do not have a YouTube account. Although, pretty much everyone does because it's a Google account and everyone has a Google account these days. Right? It's interesting to me because I would love to see this on a fresh computer. Maybe I can just clear my cookies. [dramatic voice] Clear browsing data. From the beginning of time. I'm going to delete...things.. from the beginning of time. Okay! So it appears that all of my browsing data, which there was apparently a lot of, has been cleared. And now.. now it should be as any person for the first time ever going on YouTube without any data about them known, that's what I should be seeing right now. And uh it appears that, that in fact is the case. So I've got an Epic Rap Battles of History, I've got two movie trailers and a terrible free throw. Um. And then it sort of goes on down here in sort of an interesting little cascade. 

(4:00) So we've got an entertainment video, a viral video, a Russia Today video- which I imagine also a uh a viral video- and then we've got sports and music. Gangnam style parody. And this appears to be, nobody knows. But then we've got what appears to be a periodic tables video which I think that means everyone's getting that video, which would make sense to why that video has done quite well. The uh... we've also got Simon's Cat and uh a Fine Brothers video down here that you can't see below the fold. And uh a Jimmy Kimmel and an [sounding it out] Auralnauts video. So, it looks as if they are indeed promoting these videos that I can't imagine that, that isn't being done manually. So that to me is great news that it would indicate that uh people, that they are choosing to promote videos from inside the YouTube community. We've got Fine Brothers  and Periodic Table Of Videos at the very least those are straight know. 

(5:00) What I would call YouTube community videos, now I wouldn't mind- I feel like periodic videos is a pretty uh you know, not super well-known channel. And so that's a great thing for them to feature. I would like to see more things from excellent but not well-known channels for them to feature. And uh hopefully that is something that will be happening. It seems that this page is designed for that. Now that might not necessarily lead to a increase in subscriptions because these people are not signed into an account and so if they push on the subscribe button, like I do right now, it would just tell them to log in. Now maybe that those people will log in. Let's assume that they will and that this will result in a subscription bump. And we could check, actually, go to VidStatsX and we can see that indeed that this is probably when they got that first plug on the YouTube front page.

(6:00) That they jumped from 300 to 600 to over 3,000 subscribers that day. So that uh indeed appears to be a significant bump for them, which is excellent news. That's very exciting. So, um this is a page that I really like, straight up I enjoy this page very much and I kind of like it better than I like my feed page. Now I don't know how they could incorporate this into the YouTube feed, like my front page when I'm logged in. But this looks to me like a better format. Like this is more like what I would want to see. Now people I'm sure will disagree with me on that um but this- I like it. You know. I wouldn't want it laid out exactly like this, I would want my subscriptions to sort of be, you know, laid out in this way and I would like for me to be able to interact with them. But uh yeah. I think uh that this is a fairly good design. 

(7:00) I mean it's definitely a good design. But I think it's a fairly good, you know, YouTube interface for, certainly for people who are new to YouTube and just coming to enjoy themselves for you know 5 minutes or 10 minutes during work. Um, and then I guess you can also browse by can browse know.. things that you're into and you can actually subscribe, like you can subscribe to this auto-generated gaming channel which 180,000 people have, which is pretty impressive. Now also it's good to note that I haven't launched videos except for that Period Videos thing and I'm getting channels subscribed to me. Now I've clicked on gaming and I'm getting Yogscast and Shane, even though he has no gaming channel. I don't think. And Kevin, KevJumba and Justine and Joe- Mystery guitar man. So those are all community things. Um, if I click on movies then I get more, I can subscribe to Action Adventure movies, different categories and also Freddy Wong is there. 

(8:00) And Whiteboy and uh Michelle Phan. The YouTube as people who aren't signed into YouTube I see it. I don't mind but I'm listening to all of your thoughts in the comments. And uh thank you for watching this video where I nerd out about YouTube, and you'll not see me and I'll not see you but you will hear me next time. Goodbye.