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A-My coffee... steam... Like doesn't it have to be at like 100 deg-

Q(Hank)- This is very annoying so just get ready to hate everything I'm about to tell you.

Temperature is just speed of molecules, So faster molecules are hotter molecules, But.

Temperature is also the average speed of molecules. Some are gonna be going faster and some are gonna be going slower and the faster ones are gonna be able to leave the surface of your coffee.

And that's actually how your coffee cools down a lot, is that the hottest molecules leave.

It's actually easier at the surface than it is inside(?~0:29) of the coffee, so it's easier to leave from the surface than to boil inside.

Those extra hot molecules are gonna leave and they are now gonna be water vapor.

But that's not what you're seeing. Water vapor is invisible, it is a clear gas. If you see pure steam coming out of a steam pipe what you are gonna see is like wiggles of heat, no like cloudy like you're in the shower.

Those hot molecules from the coffee are coming out and they're mixing with the cooler air in the room and then they're all gettin' together to condense into tiny droplets and that's actually what you're seeing.