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In which Hank runs around Anaheim getting ready for VidCon and getting VidCon ready. So...I'm uploading this in the four spare minutes I have today so, that's all the description you get!

So I guess this is what it would be like if I did a dailyvlog.
Oooohh god, okay, good morning, John. VidCon is happening. I don't know how I'm going to make my video this week. I didn't prepare properly, so let's go do this!

I just have time to go start rehearsing with The Perfect Strangers. And there's definitely, I don't have my hotel key. This is hard.

This is the battery for my phone, which is, like, 4 or 5 times bigger than my phone because it needs to be charged like 3 times, I'm not wearing shoes.

That's not what elevators are supposed to do.

This is the first person to ask me for a picture. 
[Guy with camera] Okay.

Oh I don't have my pass yet, so I can't go in there. And I'm not even on the floor I wanna be on yet. What's that gonna be?

So I haven't gone on the escalator. I realized I didn't have my badge, so I wasn't allowed to go to any of the places that I needed to go.

...the shirts...what were they doing up there? 
[Dave] I couldn't get into the warehouse in time.

Ohh.. *shudder sound*

That was Dave, our warehouse manager, and also merch manager at VidCon. Also writer for SciShow, and also a really good friend of mine. 

It's Michael Gardner.

[Michael] Hey! Woo!

Who, how's, how you feelin'?

[Michael] Great!

This is Julie, sometimes I tweet about Julie.

[Julie] Hi!

This is who Julie is, she makes my life work. 

[Julie] Most of the time.

The expo hall getting set up.

All the escalators are off.

This...this is Rob! Waiting for me, outside the room.

[Rob] Hey!

*rehearsal music*

Rehearsal had to take a break for bean bag mountain.

*rehearsal music*

Bury me in bean bags! I don't wanna know about the world anymore! It's too hard! 

I'm like four bean bags down now.

Leaving rehearsal, Craig needs me. Craig WheezyWaiter. I don't know why he needs me for, what for, but he does, so I'm gonna go find him.

[WheezyWaiter] I run off stage, I run out of the convention center, and I'm in the desert, running into the desert, which I already have footage of.

I found John!

[John] Helloo!

Just by the way, my badge has higher clearance than John's.

[John] To me, that represents progress.

Okay this is kind of moment of truth for me, I haven't seen the stage or the arena yet at all. Wooaaahhh.

Okay, that's pretty cool.

I'm very thirsty but it's very difficult for me to drink these drinks because I know how much they cost, but I'm doing it anyway.

Our pillows are, apparently, semi-sentient.

This is what it looks like backstage at VidCon. This is what my dad looks like.

Oh, things! All the wires! 

Is that Tyler? 

[Tyler] It's Tyler Oakley!

Hi Tyler! Hi, Troye!

This is the part where we talk about how we're going to do what we're gonna do, figure out what kind of mics we need, uh, Monica tells us what to do, basically.

We rehearsed, and now John is off to do an Ear Biscuit. I need a moral of the story, what's the moral of the story? 

[John] The moral of the story is that your ability to come up with new ideas and execute them continues to astonish me.


[John] but not in a good way really, more in an overwhelmed way, so don't say awww.

Just checking out what's going on in the expo hall now.

I just got a Ze hug. 

Everything we're touring with fits in one elevator. This guy grabbed the drum that fell off the cart. Thank you.

Now I'm back in my hotel room, because I had to grab my computer so that I can go do a technical rehearsal, which is where your computer into a thing and you see if your PowerPoint presentation is going to work.

I think VidCon is mostly walking, for me. This is a big room. This is where I'm giving my Industry presentation.

Now I'm at a welcome party welcoming people who came to help us out at VidCon.

Ahhhhh! Sorry. Just being excited. Hey, everybody, it's Natalie Tran!

[Natalie] Oh are you filming? Oh!

The first thing when you meet a new YouTuber is you're like "You're not average height." So I was like, you're super short and she was like you're super tall.

[Natalie] You're so short yourself.

Yay, hey, Katherine's here.

[Katherine] (sigh) Yeah!

You made it! 

Freaking Natalie Tran gave me Tim Tams; this is the best thing.

Aheheheh... That was the day before VidCon started. John, I'll see you in the morning.