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Jessi challenges Taylor to a smell-off, Augusto mediates, the animals help.

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 (00:00) to (02:00)

Augusto: Okay.

Jessi: Ready?

Taylor: Okay.  

J: Go.  

(coughing & gagging noises)

J: Ughhh!  

T: That was gross.

J: Hello and welcome back to Animal Wonders.  Today, I've challenged Taylor to a smell-off.  Is this the first time we've been on camera together since like, the very first time you were on?

T: Yeah, I think this is the only second one that we've ever done together, so that's exciting.

J: Ahh, yeah, it's gonna be fun.


J: So I challenged you to this smell-off because we've talked about it before and we both kind of decided that we don't have a very good sense of smell.

T: Yeah.  Not very good.

J: The interns that come in, they kind of get hit by this wall of animal smell, and do you smell it?

T: I don't even smell it anymore.  The only time that I can really smell, I guess, really well, the animals, is if there's a new animal and they bring him in. 

J: Yeah.

T: 'Cause it changes the whole dynamic of the room, and I can definitely smell that but then I get used to it and it's back to nothing.

J: So we can't really, like, do a smell-off, just us two, so we asked Augusto and he has  kindly offered to be our referee.  

A: Hi, everybody.  

J: So me and Taylor are going to put blindfolds on and do you want to go get the mystery animal now?

A: Yeah.

J: We're going to smell the animal and try and figure out what it is and then, so we don't cheat, we have to write down our guesses and to keep us honest, and then we'll show you what we guessed.

A: Alright, here I come.  

T: Okay.

J: I think I'm gonna like, faceplant. 

A: I just need your noses.  

J: Ew, something touched me.  

A: Oh--just, yeah.

J: Okay, sorry.

T: I don't know if I should bend.

A: Just stand there, I got you.

T: I'm standing.  

A: I'm gonna go over here.

J: Did you already pass me?  I didn't smell.

A: Hold on, I'm going with Taylor here first.  

T: Okay.

A: There, I'm bringing it.  Smell, smell.  

 (02:00) to (04:00)

T: Oh, I don't know.  

J: Gosh it's really--I--okay, I smell the faint almost ammonia, but it, possibly, I don't wanna tell you too many hints.  

T: I know.  I was like, I think--

J: I smelled a little bit of dusty, too.  I feel like it's a mammal, though.

T: Yeah, I think it's a mammal and I feel like I could smell, like, a smell.  I just don't know what that smell was.  

J: Okay, I'm gonna start writing--

T: I don't know if this will be readable.  

J: Are you done?

T: Yes.  I'm ready.

J: Okay.  Wait, 1, 2, 3, turn it.  I did uh, Cheerio the chinchilla.  

T: Oh, I said Lollipop. 

J: Alright, let's take this off and see.  

T: I have no idea how you knew that!

J: I could totally smell a little bit of dust.  Look at her little whiskers.  Okay, I wanna smell her again.  

T: I know, now I wanna smell her (?~2:47)

J: Okay, I got a--I can get a l--yeah.  I can get a better whiff and it's like, all the way in there.  

T: I feel like if I get--got my nose really in there, I would have guessed like, guinea pig  or chinchilla, 'cause I feel like I can smell the hay smell better.

J: Yeah.  

T: When my nose is like, in her.  

A: Alright.  I'm going to put her back and I'll surprise you.  Put on your blindfolds back on.  

T: Okay.

J: I won.  So this is gonna go right there, haha!  I think we should raise the stakes.  

T: Oh gosh. 

J: I mean, it'd be great to have like,  bragging rights, but what if there was a consequence to losing?  

T: A number two consequence?

J: Maybe.  I think whoever loses has to smell a really horrible smell.  I mean, it might be poo.

T: It could be poo.

J: It's up to Augusto.

A: Alright, Jessi, I'm gonna need your nose.  Just stand there.

J: Okay.  Ehh.

A: Okay, Can you smell?  Just smell it, don't lean forward, just smell it.  There we go.

J: I can't--

A: (?~3:42)  Taylor.

T: Yes.  

A: There we go.  Smell, smell, smell away.  

T: I don't smell anything.  

A: Okay, hold on, let me try something.

J: This is like a one in a hundred guess.

T: Yeah.  

A: Another smell?

J: Okay, yeah.  Yeah.

A: There you go.  

J: I'm trying so hard to sniff it in.

 (04:00) to (06:00)

J: I mean, like, that time I smelled something.  I mean, it could have been your hand.  Ohh, okay, so I'm going to rule out like, any of the super stinky animals.

T: Yeah, I feel like we would have smelled something from like, Gaia or--

J: Gaia the armadillo stinks, exactly.  

T: Or the foxes.

J: And it's not poop unless it's like, old.  

T: Yeah.  

J: I mean, I think it's a reptile, but there's so many.

T: None of them have smells.

J: Well, Titus--

T: Well, the snakes.

J: Titus the tortoise, I mean--

T: Yeah.

J: He's stinky.  Okay, I'm gonna make my guess.  1, 2, 3.  I did Loki the water dragon.

T: I said Puzzle the ball python.  

J: Ooh, okay, let's see.  I mean, you were closer with snake!

T: Yeah.  I was just guessing since I couldn't smell it.  

J: Oh yeah!

T: Hi, Sandy.

J: I, you know, I'm actually surprised because this is Sandy the sand boa, and she lives in sand, so I feel like she should smell sandy.

T: Yeah.  

J: Sand smells, right? 

T: Something smelly.  She's like--

A: I was trying to put her (?~5:05) towards your face at the end there, but it didn't work, it didn't work.

J: I mean, snakes--snake (?~5:12) smell bad, but like, thanks.  Thanks for the--

T: I don't know if--

J: That's cool.  I mean, that's a, important that they don't smell in nature so they don't attract predators but it's, it's cool that they--I couldn't pick up anything.

T: Yeah.

J: Still 1-0.  I mean, I feel like you maybe should get a half point 'cause you had a snake. 

T: The Price is Right rules.  Closest without going over to a different species?  Family. 

J: Alright, I'll give you half a point.  You have to rip your notecard in half.  

T: Yess.  Okay.  

A: Smell, Jessie.  

J: Oh, that smells.  I can smell that.

A: Okay, Taylor, smell.

T: Definitely a smell.  

A: Okay.

J: It's not a bad smell.  

T: Uh, no.  

 (06:00) to (08:00)

J: It's like, lemony.  It's like fruity almost, I feel. 

T: Yeah.

J: What would be fruity?  

T: Not bad smelling, but definitely a smell.  Like a--I don't know.  Not dusty or hay.  

J: Huh.  Yeah, not hay.  Not--it doesn't smell like musty or, oh man, that's hard.

T: I think I have an idea.  Maybe.

J: Oh, I don't.  I don't.  Ahhh.  What animals do we have?  

T: That have a fruity smell.

J: I feel like this is going--okay.  I got mine.  You ready?

T: Yes.  

J: 1, 2, 3...I did Kia the dove.

T: I said Ophelia.  

J: Oh, you did it!  

T: Yes!  I got a point!  A legit point!

J: Why do smell--I wanna smell you.  

T: Hi, hun.  

J: So interesting.  

T: Hi.  She smells, like, what gave it away for me was she smells like the box.  The like, wood box that she sits in.

J: Yeah!  

T: It's like--

J: It's almost like that, that pressed wood or whatever.

T: Yeah.  So I was like, what has a wood smell?  And I was thinking of the sugar gliders, but I was like, they would smell way worse.

A: (?~7:06)

J: The sugar gliders would definitely, they would smell, yeah.

T: Yeah, so I was like, but what else lives in a wood enclosure?  

J: Hello, little snifflers.  Ah, I've got you and you've got me.  Would you like a banana?  See, if I would have heard that.

T: Yeah.

J: I would have known it was you.  

T: Very distinctive lip smacking.

J: Hi, pretty girl.  Alright, you can go snuggle back in there.  You're very cute.  Yes, you are.  You got it!

T: I got one!  

J: Dang, I was so off. 

T: I'm just happy I got a point.  I was worried after the second one that I would be pointless.  

A: Jessi, smell.  Taylor, smell.  

T: Oh gosh.

A: Need another smell?

J&T: Yes.  

A: Alright.  Smell, Jessi.  

 (08:00) to (10:00)

J: Can I get closer?

A: No.  No, you just stand still.  Otherwise--

J: I'll poke it?  

T: Alright, I'm ready.  

A: There you go, Taylor.  

T: Oh gosh.

J: Are you getting anything?

T: No.  Not really.  

J: I don't think it's a mammal.

T: No, this one, I think is a reptile again.  But again, there's so many--

J: This is so hard!  I'm gonna try and figure out, like, what doesn't live on like a smelly substrate and then--

T: Yeah.

J: So process of elimination.  Okay, I have an idea.

T: Uhh, I couldn't smell anything, so I guess the least smelly enclosure?  

J: Yeah.  That's what I'm going for.  

T: Okay.

J: You done?

T: Yes.

J: Okay, I'm guessing Blueberry the skink.

T: Me too!

J: Hey!  Yes!  Oh my gosh!

T: Yay!  

J: Process of elimination.  

T: Huzzah! 

J: Hi, non-stinky Blueberry.  

T: Yeah, I figured Argos would have like a sandy smell.

J: Yeah.

T: And then Loki I thought would smell like dirt.

J: Dirt.

T: Like, plants and--yeah.

J: Like, damp, damp, dirt, yeah.

T: But Blueberry...

J: She can't live on dirt because her--she is missing her toes and it would rub her nubs and it would hurt, so she's kept on a soft carpet so she can move herself around and not hurt herself.  What do I smell like?  You're smelling like crazy.  Haha!  

T: Tie.  

J: Another one.   Pressure's on.

T: I know, I really don't want to smell it.

J: I don't wanna smell this.

A: Alright, smell, Jessi and Taylor.  

T: Alright.

A: Smell. 

J: Do you smell anything?

T: Uhhh...

A: Should be a little bit of something.

J: Let me smell it more.

T: Not really.

A: Smell.  

T: I smell something.

J: I smell like...

A: Okay, Taylor again.  

 (10:00) to (12:00)

J: Doesn't smell fruity.  

T: No, not fruity smell.  

J: Doesn't smell like bad.

T: Yeah.  But it has a smell.

J: It does--it's hard to pick up, but it definitely has one, but I can't--I don't know if it's the animal or what they live on.

T: Yeah.

J: Now I've confused myself.

T: Yeah.

J: Can we each get one more?  

T: Yeah.

J: I wanna confirm a theory.

A: Alright, ready?  Okay, smell.  

J: Okay.  I'm picking up on something.

T: Am I good?  Okay, let me think, let me think.  

J: I smell something.  I'm not gonna tell you what it is, but I smell something.

T: Okay.

J: That's giving me this guess.

T: Okay.  I'm ready.

J: Okay.

A: Ready? 

T: Yes.

J: One, two, three, Loki the water dragon.

T: Kizzie.  

J: Why do you say Kizzie?

T: I was thinking he maybe had a quill now that he's turning--

J: I was close!

T: Whoa, you were closer!  

J: I smelled dirt.  

T: I had no idea.

J: I smelled dirt.  I smelled the planty stuff that we were talking about.

T: Yeah, I thought it was like, a quill that he picked up out of the like, dirt and dust from out there.

J: Sure.  This is--

T: But this is trickier.

J: This is Smaug the red eyed crocodile skink and they live burrowed in damp soil and they come from New Guinea and they're always really secretive and hiding in these like, little like, I don't know, like, damp areas, but it's not boggy.  Does that mean I won?

T: Yeah.  

J: Yes!

A: Alright, Taylor, prepare yourself.

T: So go find a gross thing for me.  Uhhh....

J: So after a second of thinking about it, I realized I didn't actually win that round, but I was closer and precedent says that I get half a point.  That means I have two and a half points.  How many do you have?

T: Two and a half points.  So you have to smell it, too.  

A: Okay.

J: Ready....go!  


T: That was gross.  

J: I've smelled it before.  

 (12:00) to (14:00)

I think it's Kizzie.

T: Oh, okay, I was thinking it was Kemo.  

J: I feel like he has more of a distinct, like, oniony smell.

T: Is it bad to ask to smell it again?  

J: Just(?~12:18) I don't want to, it is still in my nose.

A: Yeah, yeah.

T: Okay.  It's just (?~12:24)

J: I got a whiff of it.  I got another whiff.

T: This is terrible.

J: Okay.  Should we guess or should we look at it?  I mean, I'm gonna guess Kizmit.  

T: I think I'm still gonna go with Kemo just 'cause I don't have another guess.

J: Okay.  Let's see it.

A: Okay.  

T: Can we see it?

A: Now you can see it.  Yeah, now you can see it.  

T: Uhhh.

J&T: Mimi!

T: We were even saying that was the worst.  

J: Ohh, Mimi the monkey's poo.  

A: Well, I think, yeah.  I think we did well, and the only winner here is myself.  

J: Oh, great.  Well, thank you so much for playing with me and thank you for helping.

A: Yeah, it was fun.  Anytime.

T: Yeah.

J: Awesome.  I have a little bit more to say to them, so I'll see you guys later.

T: Cool.

J: So even though Taylor and I are pretty smell-blind to our animals' normal scent, we can still use smell to determine an animal's overall health.  Humans are actually pretty good at smelling sickness and infection in other humans and it can be extended to other animals as well.  Humans also use smell to avoid things that might cause us to get sick, which is why poop, ammonia from urine, vomit, and rotten things make us want to avoid the area or might even cause us to gag or want to vomit ourselves.  The bad smell reaction and vomit response is built in as a natural instinct so we don't eat what's going to make us sick.  The more you work with animals, the more experience you have with healthy animal smells and your nose can then pick up on what's not normal for that animal.  So, smelling animals isn't weird.  It's actually technically part of our job.

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