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for a lot of people in our generation the sense of financial unfairness comes from things like student debt. I was basically all but forced to make this decision by the authority figures around me who told me that this was the only way to ensure that i had a chance at earning a decent living and it put me severely into debt and im barely earning any money from this degree that i was told to get.

I might be in a position where i want to blame someone because im like how dare you not educate me on that? because we don't send our high schoolers out with an education of what type of student loan they could afford and what careers actually offer a potential for a secure paycheck and what different industries are paying so i think there's a severe lack of education. I always have a saying in life like you have to be okay, it doesn't matter if you're really okay today, you have to find a way to be okay because tomorrow comes, the next week comes. You can either stay where you are and you can feel bad or you can find a way to take the next step and it can be hard to see an end goal. But if you can find one step to take, its one step closer