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Today’s problem: being introverted and moving in with a significant other. The Wimbly Womblys play Blackpool.

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Hello and welcome hankgames without Hank.

My name is John Green. It is a beautiful sunny day at Wimbledon here in South London.

And would you believe it, we are playing Blackpool? You know they used to be in the premier league? But it can happen so fast: you get relegated once; you get relegated twice.

And pretty soon you get relegated a third time apparently. Black pool on 27 points after 28 games; that's not good. But you know what is good? 60 points: that's what Wimbledon's at.

It's all thanks to Mr. Managerinio. I don't like to brag, but I've had a hell of a good season.

We've got Vinny Thrill, We've got Liam Trotter We tried to purchase Max Power. It did not go great.  We only got $77,000 for getting out of the third round of the FA cup, which I was pretty disappointed about. I feel like probably we should have gotten more than $77,000.

And I went back to my board and I was like "Hey guys, can I have more than $77,000?" and they were like "Shut up." That's actually what they said. It hurt my feelings. Um,  usually these contract negotiations take so long, but this time they just said, "shut up." So, today's problem- Hey Meredith, who submitted today's problem?

It comes from Lavosh Beadsman, thank you, Lavosh, who's- OH GOD, we've got a problem. here at Wimbledon! Big problems!- everything worked out better than expected. um- Who's problem is that they are introverted and moving in with their significant other who..... they're gonna share a one bedroom apartment with . uh- I've been in this situation! Phew, boy, man! Blackpool is just ripping us apart.

For a team that is on 27 points after 28 games, they're playing fantastically, and i'd like to congratulate them, because I'm in a good mood, because we us, well, I guess because we got that $77,000, the difference between, you know regular- That's a phemonal shot, but it didn't come to anything- but John Green's there! but it didn't come to anything, again. but let's not give up. So this happened to me! I moved into a one bedroom apartment with my significant other.

This is the rare occasion when I actually have some, uhh.. experience

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Experiential advice. I had roommates from the time I was 14 years old, I guess this is maybe the difference. I had roomates from the time I was 14 years old until I was 25. And so.. And I spend a lot of time by myself. I would say on the average these days, on the average day I spend about 6 hours by myself, but you know, until we had kids I would spend at least ten hours a day by myself. And I like time to myself. It doesn't get old to me.
I don't, uh, like most people, I need some social engaement, but not that much.

Really deperate defending, but it all worked out. I'm quite happy... yeah. I've said this before but, I am like a camel when it comes to social interactions. I can just drink a bunch of social interactions and then really not any for quite a long time.

Speaking of social interations, how about Lyle Taylor shooting from outside the box? and it didn't work, but this might. I've been unjustly maligned, and I think inside the box! Oh they're gonna-- are you gonna say it's just outside? You're gonna say that it's just outside? You're gonna say that it's like two inches outside the box?

Oh, I can't be mad at this referee, because he has a mustache, so. I'd like to edit my anger and say great decision by the referee. This is- Meredith, we're never gonna have a better opportunity than this. John Green is pretty good free kick taker. It's just never goin to be easier than this. I think it's too close to get it up and over the wall, but what if we just do like one of these?

Oh! Oh, it almost went in! Off of one of the players butts, that would have been great! But it didn't happen for us. Right... right off the bottom! I mean, that's as good as it gets in terms of potential own goal situations, but it didn't work out for us.

So, I gues I've always, like when I was a kid, and when I was in my early 20s and stuff, I always had to figure out how to spend time by myself, even though I lived with other people.

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I did always have a door for most of that time. Except I guess not when I was in college and stuff, or in highschool for that matter. So, I do have some experience in this.

The first thing that I would say is you've got to find places in town where you're not alone, but you are alone. Like, for me the best example of this is a library. I am extremely happy when I'm in libraries. Cause there's like other people there, but there's a pretty strong social contract about them not talking to you and you --Mm... great save, George Long-- and you not talking to them.

And maybe if you like if you need something the librarians are there to help you. And then you can have a brief pleasant social interaction that can be you know, like nice and useful for your mental well-being or whatever, but you don't have to talk to anybody. And so, if there is a library in your town, that's the first thing that I would say. Like, when I was a highschool student I would go to the school library. When I was a college student I would go to my college library. When I was in my early twenties I would go to the public libraries in Chicago. And it's just an awesome, awesome place for introverted people.

I mean, I love libraries in general, but I really think it's just a great place to be. And you don't have to read a book, nobody gets mad at you if you just sit there and stare into the middle distance, or get in your computer or whatever. There's wireless. Like, I just think the library is as close to a perfect place as exists. Oh my god, how did you not score? Andy Barcham. 

Who am I gonna make a substitution for, come on! I'm not gonna bring off Barcham just cause he missed one shot in the 40th minute. Maybe I'll bring him off in the second half, but I think my assistant manager is being way too hardcore about the substitution policy.

We don't even need to win this game, you know? Between you and me and the wall, it's fine. Everyone is freaking out. Just calm down, assistant manager. Everything is gonna be fine.

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So you gotta find like a --maybe it's a coffee shop, I don't know-- you gotta find those places that allow you to be not with your partner, but still happy.

That's gotta be a goal! Oh it is, at last. It is at last. And you know what? If I'd taken off Andy Barcham we wouldn't have scored that goal. Andy Barcham with a fantastic finish! Although you gotta say John Green made this one happen with the cut back and then the nice, oh god, what a pass, and then the finish was nothing special from Barcham, but it did-- I do love going near post on a goalkeeper because it hurts their feelings and makes it more likely that I'll score later in the game.

Mr. Managerino, you can see is very very excited, he's very happy about the result. And like, at this point we have been rolling on all cylinders for so long I barely even know what giving up a goal feels like. I hardly remember it. George Long is such a talented goalkeeper, and I know Rafa who's 15 has been begging me for more game time and saying he's gonna leave the club and whatever, whatever, whatever, but like, how can I take-- how can I say no to George Long? Like, the guy is relentless and amazing. It's just... it's obvious to me.

The second way I'm gonna solve your problem, aside from going to the library or a coffee shop or whatever, is encouraging your partner to do stuff that they like. I used to feel like if my partner was doing stuff that I didn't like, that it was somehow like a reflection on me, you know? Like, if they wanted to like go out and didn't want me there, I would be like, well, why don't you want me there? And now I feel like, great. That's great. Like, I'm really glad you have your own stuff and like, I recognized that I cannot --you know, like, no one person can meet all of another person's needs. So I think it's great if you're with, you know, like, if you say to your partner like

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Are you into fantasy baseball? Are you, uh... do you like knitting? Uh, do you wanna like go hang out with one of your friends, and I don't really feel like it, and that's fine, and you're not gonna like get mad about it? Like, can we just be cool with that kinda thing?

I find like, um, both for Sarah and I like both going out with my friends, like doing like a bar trivia night or something -- which sometimes Sarah comes to, but sometimes she doesn't, and when she doesn't it's fine-- or you know, if she wants to go and watch a movie with some friends or go, you know, I don't know. Like go to a- like sometimes she'll go on like a 2 or 3 day trip to a museum with some friends or whatever and I think all that stuff is great.

And then, the other thing about it is that you get time-- This has gotta be a goal. Oh my god, John Green. He's got too much power. He's too talented and sometimes it's like he's so good, he's too good. I think we all know what that's like, you know? When you're just like, when you're too good at something and you're like, ugh, oh god, I wish I wasn't so good at this. That's what life is like for Other John Green, our starting right forward.

I'm gonna make a couple changes here. That's gonna be the biggest change. I'm gonna try to just switch up where John Green and Lyle Taylor are playing because I haven't seen Lyle Taylor this whole game, so I don't know what's going on, but he doesn't seem to be available. I'd like to see a little more of him. That's... that's nice. That's good. That's good! Lyle Taylor! ... aww, everything but the finish. It's like the story of the Wimbly Womblys.

Alright, we got a good... we got a good opportunity here. Though we never score from corners, but there's always room for exceptions!... Not today. That's good. That's good.

So, the other thing about when your partner goes and does stuff is that then you're in the apartment alone and it's like having your own apartment for a little while, and it's so nice.

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So, I don't think you should be afraid to suggest those things or to take those opportunities and enjoy them and have time to yourself. 

And I think, you know, like like with so many things, communication is the key to that. You know, you don't want somebody feeling like you don't want to be around them because it's not at all that you don't want to be around them.
Because it's not at all that you don't want to be around them. It's that you want to be more present with them when you're present with them, and that part of that for you is spending time by yourself - ohh that was close - part of that for you is spending time by yourself and having time to you know, just uhh, you know, just process information alone.

Like, that's how I think of my alone time is as a chance to basically like process information to understand like, uh yeah.

Like I can't, I feel like I can't make any progress in anything uh when I'm, when I'm with other people. Uh, like I have to be alone to...

There's a great phrase in English - it's one of my favorite phrases - uh I talk about this in Turtles All the Way Down, but I have to be alone to think straight.

I love that idea that, like, that like there are times when you have to like physically straighten out your thoughts almost.  That's why I have to be alone, is so I can straighten out my thoughts.

That's gotta be -- it's fantastic!  Everybody did great, except for John Green, who, after having too much power on a shot - I tried to go all the way back down because I myself was intimidated by his shot power and it just didn't work, and that's that's no good.

That was a horrific - that's gonna go down in history as maybe my worst ever corner kick, which is really saying something.  

Nooo.  Oh, caught out in possession, and are we gonna are we gonna lose the win at the last second because of stupidity on my part - possibly...possibly.

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Ugh, George (?) intimidated him into missing. 

Alright, we've - it's 89 minutes, 40 seconds here.  We've got one more opportunity, maybe, to come forward, uh try to give the fans their money's worth.

We've had a lot of one-nil victories lately, and I know that's all it's all the same to you guys, you just wanna win. Uh, but I like to win, I like to win pretty fancy sometimes.  Like that.

And then Lyle Taylor from outside the box!  Maybe a last second corner kick goal? Orrrr just the end of the game.  Nope!

Last second corner kick goal. Here we go boys!

Last second corner kick goal!  And maybe turnaround...yeah it's the end of the game.

Alright, well, we won one-nil, and you're gonna have a great time living with your partner in your one bedroom apartment, and there are the male toilets.

Best wishes.